Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 : New technologies timeline

  • TV Remote Control

    TV Remote Control
    Advantages: Makes it easier to change the channels on your television and you don't have to get up. Disadvantages: People sit around all day without having to ever get up and manually change the channel. LAZY!
  • First Jet Airliner

    First Jet Airliner
    Advantages: Beginning of air travel and led to the popularity of flying and national airports. Disadvantages: Only made for short to medium routes and shorter runways making it less practical.
  • First Weather Sattelite

    First Weather Sattelite
    Advantages: Helped to make meteorology weather forecasting more accurate. Disadvantages: The satellite was not constantly pointed at earth and only operated in daylight so it wasn't very effective.
  • Earliest stage of internet - ARPAnet

    Earliest stage of internet - ARPAnet
    Advantages: Helps people keep in contact with other people and was at first used to make transferring data easier. Disadvantages: It was the beginning of one of the most addicting things to ever come to man and can have misleading information and carry viruses.
  • The Smoke Detector

    The Smoke Detector
    Advantages: Tells you when your house or a building is on fire so you can leave it before you get hurt. Disadvantages: If you dont chnage the batteries they will stop working and then they won't be able to warn you about a fire.
  • First Cell phone

    First Cell phone
    Advantages: Cell phones made it easier for people to make phone calls anywhere, anytime. Disadvantages: make things less personal by not talking in person to the people you are communicating with.
  • GPS for military use only

    GPS for military use only
    Advantages: Very useful because it makes travel easier and works better than reading a map. Disadvantages: It can also be very confusing for people who don’t understand technology.
  • The First Space Shuttle

    The First Space Shuttle
    Advantages: Increased the popularity of space travel and helped us discover new things in space. Disadvantages: Space travel can be very dangerous and after this many lives were lost on space shuttles in space.
  • Universal USB

    Universal USB
    Advantages: Makes transferring data from place to place easier, Disadvantages: Can only hold so much and are sometimes very expensive.
  • iPod first generation

    iPod first generation
    Advantages: It was small, easy to carry, and had a 1.8 hard drive. Disadvantages: It only had 10 GB capacity and the battery life was just 10 hours.