Facility Openings

  • Darlington Facility Opens

    We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge all of our staff, volunteers, and patients that have been with us over the last 25 years. That’s right! It is the 25th Anniversary of LFoA, and we are all so proud of what this modest idea was able to become.
    LFoA has helped thousands of people connect through the sharing of letters and items, art and stories. We have long believed in the unique way that listening itself can promote healing and growth. We have thousands of volunteers across the count...
  • Ft. Worth Facility Opens

    We are proud to announce that the newest LFoA facility is opening tomorrow in Fort Worth, TX! Great job to our new Texas family, come and volunteer with us anytime!
  • Sioux Falls, SD Spotlight on Facebook

    We’d like to highlight the amazing work that our staff and volunteers are doing at our Sioux Falls facility. They have been working on a great new project, helping patients skill-share with one another. Just this week, they were able to match two patients, a musician who wanted to learn to draw, and an artist who wanted to learn to play guitar. They have been working hard helping one another learn a new art form! Great work everyone over at Sioux Falls!
  • Athens Georgia Facility Opens

    We are happy to announce that our new facility in beautiful Athens, GA is now open! We hope to serve those in need in the greater Georgia area.
  • Announcement of 25 Facilities Opened Nation Wide

    A big announcement for LFoA! As of today, we have twenty five facilities open all over the country. Here's to 25 more and beyond!
  • Spotlight on Facebook of San Diego Facility

    In this edition of the Staff Spotlight:
    A valuable member of our team at the San Diego facility,
    nurse Linda Gilderman
    Linda is famous around LFoA for her warmth and care, but also for her humor. Linda makes everyone she comes in contact with laugh and feel comfortable. She has a natural talent for seeing people and understanding the special needs of each individual patient. Oftentimes, patients refer to Linda as their friend rather than their nurse.
  • Spotlight on Facebook of Winston-Salem, NC Facility

    A fun day was had yesterday by patients and staff at our Winston-Salem, NC facility. Our staff was able to organize a pizza party for the whole facility, including a movie night voted on by patients. The winning film? Homeward Bound. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! But there was A LOT of pizza.
  • Photos Posted For Santa Fe, NM Facility

    Check out these self-portraits from our Santa Fe facility! Nice work Tina R., Matthew L., and Ronnie W.!
  • Boise, ID Facility Opens

    A very warm welcome to our new facility in Boise, ID! We will do our very best to serve the Idaho community. Sign up to be a volunteer anytime, we could all use more Friends!
  • Spotlight on Facebook Page for Ashland, OR Facility

    In this edition of the Staff Spotlight:
    a valuable member of our team at the Ashland facility,
    Aoife O’Sullivan, Inspector
    Aoife is LFoA’s ultimate encourager. She always pushes patients to express themselves to their Friends in new and different ways and always takes the time to talk with her patients about their letters, poems, and art. Patients often can’t wait to show Aoife what they have made. Her genuine interest in the emotions and experiences of our patients encourages them in the...
  • Colorado Springs Facility Opens

    We are excited to announce a new facility opening in Colorado Springs, CO. We are dedicated to serving the Colorado area and are always looking for new volunteers! Great work everyone!
  • Olympia Washington Facility Opens

    We are happy to announce the opening of our new west coast LFoA facility in Olympia, WA! We hope to continue to expand our scope to help connect more and more volunteers with those in need.
  • Slidell Lousiana Facility Opens

    Welcoming our staff, volunteers, and patients at our new Slidell, LA facility! We hope you will open your hearts to us Louisiana, and volunteer with us anytime!
  • Spotlight on Facebook for St. Paul, MN Facility

    Patient Spotlight! Will F.
    We’d like to spotlight a patient who has made a world of difference at our St. Paul, MN facility: Will F.
    After a rocky beginning, Will has quickly become a model patient, delighting staff and peers with his musical ability. When he’s not strumming his guitar, Will stays busy as the head of the Star-gazing and Puzzle Clubs.
    Thank you Will for all that you do. You Rock!