F(x) Shadow Music Video Planning Process

  • Set Up Timetoast

    Set Up Timetoast
    Set up my timetoast to clearly show how long I should have to complete specific tasks relating back to my planning, also in every event I shall include details for how I will go about completing the task, such as I have for this event.
  • Target Audience Research - Ideas: Recorder

    Target Audience Research - Ideas: Recorder
    Asking friends to give their own opinion on my current ideas, and give possible improvements to make my music video even better, this will be done by a voice recorder, and will be embedded into my blog.
  • Performers and Casting

    Performers and Casting
    During college time I shall take photos of the cast that I intend to use for my music video, and then explain why my cast is ideal for my music video. I will also write up notes of a meeting that I have with the cast, and include a table clearly stating the roles of my cast and how I would contact them,
  • Print Production - Layouts

    After I have looked at my feedback and have created the final improvements from the feedback to my music video idea, I shall show my working out contributing to the process of planning for my video. This will include my first ideas (/drafts), ideas that didn't make it, ideas that did and my thoughts. I will do this by scanning in a few of my sketches.
  • Costumes and Props

    Costumes and Props
    For this event, I will include photos of the sort of clothing I will use in my music video, and explain why its appropriate to my music genre. Also, I will include a table to show each individual piece of clothing/props and I will state how I will get each object, if I am either borrowing or buying.
  • Locations + Health and Safety

    Locations + Health and Safety
    For this event, I shall take pictures of my locations, and I shall also show that I have permission from the locations, from my trips to my locations I shall also devise a health and safety risk assessment prior to my filming to avoid these issues.
  • Choreography/Movements and Blocking

    Choreography/Movements and Blocking
    I shall take photographs of different dance moves to show the most important dance moves I shall use in my music video. I will also take a short video of some of the choreography to give somewhat of a preview to the type of choreography I will have in my music video. For the Blocking I shall scan in rough sketches of the camera positions/movements, the performer positions/movements etc
  • Shotlists and Storyboarding

    Shotlists and Storyboarding
    I will take a range of photographs and edit all these photos into a slideshow and embed this onto my blog so you are able to see the transitions from one movement to the next for my music video. This will allow me to use more technology, but also create a storyboard.
  • Target Audience Research - Ideas: Focus Group

    Target Audience Research - Ideas: Focus Group
    Using the focus group that I have already set up for my previous coursework, I will post the locations, get opinions on cast, the story board etc onto the focus group using the social network 'Facebook' in order to get more opinions on my ideas for my music video, contributing to the feedback I have already received. I shall screenshot the opinions into my blog and add these screenshots onto my blog posts throughout the planning process.