Events that heightened the awareness of self rule in Singapore

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    Japanese Occupation

    The Japanese Occupation from 1942 to 1945, led by the Japanese, made the citizens lose faith in the British, abandoning Singapore without much resistance in the clutches of the Japanese who treated them heinously, thus causing the Chinese to lose trust in and hate the British. The Sook Ching operation by the Kempeitai, through the spilt blood of the Chinese, also gave them a sense of belonging to Singapore, causing them to want the country to be ruled by the locals.
  • End of Japanese Occupation

    End of Japanese Occupation
    The fact that the British did not execute most of the Japanese war criminals even though they spilt the blood of many Chinese also infuriated the Chinese, further contributing to the hatred towards the British. It also gave them thoughts regarding whether governing themselves would be better than letting the British governing them.
  • Communism in Singapore

    Communism in Singapore
    When Mao Zedong was the leader of China, he caused the people of Singapore to believe in Communism, causing a great surge of communism in the Chinese Society of Singapore. This new communism idealogy rejected colonialism and hated the British ruling them, causing the British to be rebuked and hated by the citizens who wanted self rule.
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    Arresting of Communist Suspects

    Source<br/>Around December 1950, many communist members, such as Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan, were arrested by the British for practising Communism as the British had declared Communism illegal. This enraged many Chinese citizens loyal to the communist members and parties, causing the citizens to lose trust for the British and protest for a new government.
  • Riots (Hock Lee Bus Riots)

    Riots (Hock Lee Bus Riots)
    Many riots and strikes organised by the Trade Unions and Communist radicals, ranging from around 1946 to the end of British rule, displayed the hate and detest of the British due to the British's poor treatment and caused many citizens to feel the need to have a new government due to their poor treatment and management of the locals.
  • Political Campaigning

    Political Campaigning
    Many Political Parties, such as the PAP, campaigned more about self rule and how their party will be better than the current government, influencing and convincing many citizens to go ahead with self rule. The PAP also promised that they would lead Singapore to self rule, assuring the citizens that there would be hope for self rule and making them continue to support self rule.
  • Independence of Malaya

    Independence of Malaya
    Since Singapore and Malaya shared close bonds, the independence of Malaya signed by the British caused the citizens to also want independence like Malaya from the British, causing a greater awareness of self rule of the citizens.