Events that changed Canada

  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    The french, British, Canadians, and germans were in war. french and british had tryed to capture Vimy Ridge but the germans hit them with chlorine gas. Then we had sent the Canadians in and captured Vimy this was important to us in the war because we could see all above. I think if this did not happen then we would not have all the pride we did for taking it.
  • Conscription Crisis

    Conscription Crisis
    The government had introduced conscription to the poeple in canada. This was to ensure our army has troops the government had sent letters to all the people in Canada saying they have to join army or go to jail. I think if the government never did this then we would have lost the war and our pride.
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    This had effected the people with not as much wealth as others. So many farmers had grown wheat and sold it but so much wheat had been sold and no one was wanting to buy anymore and the prices when down and at one piont plummited. Stock markets had crashed because some people noticed the prices lowering then they sold it and the stock crashed. This had happend all over canada. I think if this never happend people would have a little more money but we would not have the pension plans we have now.
  • The End of Child Labour

    The End of Child Labour
    Factories, Mines, had hired kids at the ages under 14 this was child labour but the kids needed the money. This has happend all over canada the children did this so the family would have money because they were living in the depression. but as soon as the law came out most of the children had been put in school some still work at young ages. I think if this did not happen then some of the families would have not lived in houses or had food but it wasnt right.
  • Italian Campaign

    Italian Campaign
    The west (Canada, America, British) and the enemies (Germans, Italians) we had caught the enemy by suprise we had made a fake dead person and put fake letters in them saying where and when we are attacking. This has happend in sicily and southern Italy. We had tryed to get the dock of Ortona before they desroy it we had just made it in time. we had made it but lost so many troops 30,000 Canadians. I think if this did not happen then we wouldnt have won the war because the dock was special.
  • The Invasion on Normandy

    The Invasion on Normandy
    This had started in Normandy, Germans had been tricked by the British, French, Americans and Canadians. we had put a decoy of tanks and trucks to where we wanted them to think we were going to attack. then we had suprise attacked them and this was to gain the beaches and we did. many people had dided but we had gained the beaches. I think if this did not happen then we would have lost the war and our dignity
  • War Measures Act

    War Measures Act
    This law had allowed the government to take away peoples acual rights. for example they can hold people in jail for no charge. people are worried about this but the parliment says "hes just cracking the peanut". I think if they did not do this they would have not caught some terrosrists and other harmful people.
  • The Quiet Revelution

    The Quiet Revelution
    In this time they had a election and the Lesage is the victor he came out with the slogan "Maitred chez nous" or in english "master in own house". Lesage had changed people he had dropped the voting age from 21-18 he also introduced new education, health care, more legal rights for women. I think if this did not then they would not be very succesful not very safe and no protection.