Events of Ancient Greece

By cpava
  • 270

    BCE; Romans control all of Italy

    This event was possible because the Romans took over great parts of the Greek colonies, large areas of land and because they were able to reclaim control of Italy after the second Punic War. This event mainly took place between Rome and Italy.
  • 367

    BCE; At Age 17 Aristotle Becomes a Student of Plato at the Academy; He Later Teaches Alexander the Great

    Aristotle was born in Stagira, Chalcidice in 384 BC. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and polymath, coincidently he was a student of Plato who also was a philosopher. He wrote many books, covering almost every subject including physics, metaphysics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, linguistics, politics, government, ethics, biology and finally zoology. Aristotle was also a teacher of Alexander the Great, which is why many people know of him today.
  • 404

    BCE; Sparta Defeats Athens; the Peloponnesian War Ends

    The war between Sparta and Athens begun in 431BCE and after 2 parts of the war had ended the third begun. As the battle grew longer and longer the destruction of Athens fleet finally ended the war and Athens surrendered the following year.
  • 431

    BCE to 404 BCE; The Greek City-States are Weakened Through Competition with One Another and Heavy Taxes During the Peloponnesian Wars.

    I think this is important because the city-states are becoming more and more equal and Greece got by on making the lower class people pay all the taxes so that the higher class people could live better.
  • 431

    BCE; The Peloponnesian War Begins Between Sparta and Athens.

    This war was divided into three parts, the first one the battle begun when Sparta repeatedly invaded Athens. But at the same time Athens used their naval supremacy to attack the coast line. After a while the Peace of Nicias was signed to declare peace but soon after the war began again. In the second and third par the battle continued until 404 BCE.
  • 450

    BCE; Twelve Tables of Roman Law are written.

    This event was important because it gave the people of Rome with strict laws and a set of rules that was orginized into twelve sections. The people involved with this event were the current rulers that at the time were the Roman Republic.
  • Jan 1, 621

    BCE; Athens Develops a Written Code of Laws

    I think this is important because it shows that Athens is progressing. Also this is somthing that can be inforced in court and provide the same rules for the rich or poor.
  • May 7, 650

    BCE; Tyrants Rule Some Greek City-States as a Result of the Poorer Classes' Discontent with the Ruling Class.

    I think this is important because I belive that this isnt the best idea but from this we learned alot and now civilizations know that tyrancy does not work out well for the people in that civilization. The rest of the world also does not benifit from having a tyrant rule.
  • Jan 1, 700

    BCE; The Polis Becomes the Center of Greek life

    Polis meaning city state was a place where large events would occur and a meeting place for the people. A polis was usually ruled by the people, or the citizens. Many city states were surrounded with walls for protection and now especially because there were so many people in the center of the city.
  • Jan 1, 700

    Prior to the 8th century BCE; Most Greek City-States Were Monarchies

    I think this is important because it shows thst the Greek people did not have control of their rulers and that Greece was ruled by a monarch.
  • Jan 1, 700

    BCE to 650 BCE; Most Greek City-States Becomes Oligarchies Ruled by the Wealthy Wine and Olive Oil Mercahnts and Landowners. In This Period, Many Farmers in Greece Become Impoverished and are Sold Into Slavery.

    I think this is imporatant because Greece is slowly becoming more and more controled by the citezens. Also in this period many farmers were sold into slavery because they were slowly becoming poor and the farmers did not have enough produce to sell.
  • Jan 1, 753

    BCE; Romulus and Remus found the city of Rome, according to lengend

    According to legend, this event occured in two different places. The places were two spots where each brother wanted to build the city. One brother won and the city of Rome was found. This is important because this can give a relateble way to see one way of how Rome may have been found. The two brothers involved with this are; Romulus and Remus.
  • Jan 1, 776

    BCE; The first Olympic Games Take Place

    The Olympic Games are a large gathering where many athletic completions are played. The players are representing their city. The Olympics’ were in honor of Zeus, and were originally heard in myths and stories.
  • 31 BCE; Marc Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide, leaving Octavian as strongest ruler.

    The main people involved in this event are obviously Cleopatra, Marc Antony and Octavius. Many people say that Marc Antony killed himself because he had recieve a fake note from Cleopatra saying that she killed herself, this was untrue. Some people say that it was because he had lost at war. But on the other hand Cleopatra was left alone and basically a prisoner of Ocatius who was now the most powerful.
  • 44 BCE; Julius Caesar is assassinated on the Ides of March

    This event is a major event and has been written about in one of Shakespeare's plays. Caesar was assassinated in Senate house in Rome, this was because many of his close friend belived or were conviced into believing that he had way to much power that was able to distroy Rome.
  • 80 CE; Roman Colosseum is built

    The Colosseum was built in the Roman Empire. It is one of the largest ever built in the Roman Empire. This event is so important because it gave a place for the Romans to go and watch the great entertainment. If you visit the site today almost all of the seats are gone because over the year peoplehave stolen them to be made into different things because they were made of marble.
  • -126 CE; Roman Pantheon is built

    This building was made in Rome, Italy. It was a temple for all the gods. It was rebuilt in 126 CE by Emperor Hadrian. It was the place of official regious beliefs, and where sacrifices could take place.
  • BCE; The Persians are Defeated by Greek City-States; the Perisian wars ends

    During the battle of the Eurymedon the league won a double victory and gained freedom for the cities of Ionia. But because of the leagues dedication any campaigning was suspend. After all a fleet was sent to Cyprus and this did not make things any better and it finally cause the Parisian war to end.
  • BCE; Plato Opens an Academy of Learning in Athens

    The learning center was founded by a Greek philosopher named Plato. He was very influenced by his teacher, Socrates. Plato was a mathematician and philosopher. His learning center was the first place where students were able to get higher education. This learning center has lasted 916 years