Evaulation Question 7

  • Research

    We looked at looks of different aspect of thriller what makes films thriller. This meant that we colud understand and learn skill to used in our own films to create suspence and climatic moments.
  • Formed our groups

    Formed our groups
    This was the first time that our group was formed. It was the first time that we could talk to each and discuss any ideas that we had for preliminary or opening title sequence ideas.
  • Preliminary exercise

    Preliminary exercise
    This was a short video we made in our groups. It taught us how to use and set up film equipment and different angles and what they can do to the film. For example panning allowed us to film someone turning a corner without cutting up the action; and shot reverse shots so show a conversation between to characters.
  • Preliminary evaulation

    Preliminary evaulation
    This evaluation was a review on our preliminary film. We could talk about how we felt it went. What we felt worked very well and and chance to work with cameras and different shot ideas. We also learnt skills that we could use on the opening title sequence to create interesting angles and continuity editing.
  • ldeas for new title sequence

    ldeas for new title sequence
    We spend some time as a group and individual working on ideas that we wanted to do as a film. We tried to plot and present a narrative with the charcater and thriller elements. From there we could look at giving hints of the story in an opening title seqeunce and how we could introduce the personal side to the characters.
  • Filming day

    Filming day
    On this day we went out and started to film our shots. We went to our locations and we worked from the plans and ideas we had made in the reseach stages. We also tried out interesting shots as extras to see weather they could look good in the edit suite.
  • Preperation for the opening title sequence

    Preperation for the opening title sequence
    The preperation for the opening title sequence involved planning shot lists for each location. We planned out the filming day and who would bring what to make sure we had everything wr needed on the day. We also finished any ideas and suggestions for narrative and character motifs. During the preperation we also viewded and finished all location we useable and needed.
  • Filming day footage review

    Filming day footage review
    On this day we were able to sit down in the edit suit a go through our first filming day. we could then see what shots worked well and what we had to change form the plans as they may not have worked. it also let us know that we needed reshoot to finish the bedroom scene and redo shots where the lighting was blue.
  • Reshoot day

    Reshoot day
    This was the second day of shooting as we looked out the footage we had and we decided to reshoot the shots that didn't come out very well, bad lighting, bad angle, etc.
  • Evaluation of everything so far

    Evaluation of everything so far
    This evaluation was a review on all the reseaching we had done. It was also to look at how the filming days went and what we learnt fro the first time to help with the reshoot; like setting up faster and preperation.
  • Start to edit

    Start to edit
    After filming everything we wanted we were able to start editing and putting all the shot together to create a narrative and title seqeuence.
  • Editing rough cut

    Editing rough cut
    In this day that after looking through the footage and finding the relavent clips we started to create a rough timeline. This was the first time that we could see how the opening title sequence would look.
  • Editing adding effects

    Editing adding effects
    On this day after the rough cut we saw how that title sequence would look we could then add in any specail effects that would help the shots flow together.
  • Editing finished

    Editing finished
    This was the day that all the editing was finished. we then put the video on youtube so we could share it for responce and place it on the blog. This was also the first time that the video could be shown now it was completed.