Evans' Supranationalism Timeline

  • Formation of United Nations - Political/Military

    Formation of United Nations - Political/Military
    After the League of Nations failed to prevent WWII, the United Nations (UN) was set up to foster international security and cooperation. There are currently 193 countries involved in the UN, including every internationally recognised state excluding Vatican City. The U.K, U.S, and Russia are main countries involved in the UN. The UN is a new and improved League of Nations that wants to prevent any more World Wars.
  • Allied Powers - Military/Political

    Allied Powers - Military/Political
    The Allied powers were countries that opposed the Axis Powers, such as Germany, Italy, and Japan, in WWII. The Allies became involved in World War II either because they had already been invaded, were directly threatened with invasion by the Axis or because they were concerned that the Axis powers would come to control the world. Many developed countries such as the U.S, Britain and France were associated with the Allied Powers.
  • OPEC (Organization of Petroluem Exporting Countries)

    OPEC (Organization of Petroluem Exporting Countries)
    OPEC is a group of major exporting oil countries that have come together to control the price and supply of oil being exported. The founding countries of OPEC are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuala, Iraq and Iran. The countries involved with OPEC depend on oil greatly because it plays a major role in their economy and, in most cases, is oil is their only natural resource.
  • ICO (Islamic Conference Organization) - Cultural

    ICO (Islamic Conference Organization) - Cultural
    The ICO was developed in 1969 to help protect Muslim interests worldwide. The ICO is the second largest international body behind the UN. The ICO was originally formed around the idea of Muslim solidarity, particularly protecting the Islamic holy sites, assistance to the Palestinians, controlling racial discrimination, and improving economic cooperation. The ICO contains 57 member states including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Qatar, and Omen. The ICO continues to improve and help muslims!
  • European Union (EU) - Economic/Political

    European Union (EU) - Economic/Political
    After WWII, Europe tried to escape from the extreme forces of nationalism to help prevent conflict once again. They wanted to unite Europeans and one attempt to do this was the development of the ECSC, or European Coal and Steel Community. The ECSC set the ground for the EU which was established after the ECSC to unify Europeans to prevent future conflict. The Euro was introduced in which many European nations adopted to have a commom currency throughout Europe. This helped trade within Europe!