European History, from Bismarck to July Crisis

  • Dual Monarchy established

    The Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary is established.
  • German Unification

    Bismarck unites all Germanic countires to make the German Confederation and becomes Chancellor of Germany.
  • Period: to

    From Bismarck to World War I

    This is a timeline that plots events that lead up to World War I.
  • Three Emperors League

    Established between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia to prevent either one of them to become allies with France. They will help each other if one of them is attacked by an outside power.
  • Dual Alliance

    Austria-Hungary and Germany establish the Dual Alliance for when Russia attacks or if Russia helps someone else to attack them, they would aid each other.
  • Triple Alliance

    Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany establish this alliance in order to keep Italy and Austria-Hungary from fighting each other, and they will help each other if France attacks them or one of them attacks France.
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Bismarck tried to establish this treaty between Germany and Russia. If Germany goes to war with France, then Russia will stay out. This was an attempt to prevent a two-front war, which Bismarck feared.
  • "A trois in a Europe of five powers"

    Bismarck's assumption that there were five powers in Europe: France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary). Germany's security would be maintained if it were allies with at least two other powers.
  • Franco-Russian Alliance established

    If Germany attacks France, Russia will attack Germany. If Germany attacks Russia, France will fight.
  • Franz Ferdinand

    Heir to the Austrian throne in 1896.
  • Entente Cordiale

    Settled colonial differences between France and Great Britain in North Africa and established an alliance.
  • Triple Entente

    Settling colonial differences between France, Great Britain, and Russia in Persia, Tibet, and Afghanistan.
  • The First Balkan War

    The First Balkan war begins between Turkey and the Balkan League
  • Period: to

    The First Balkan War

    The war between the Balkan League and Turkey.
  • The Second Balkan War begins

    The Second Balkan War begins between Serbia , Greece, and Bulgaria.
  • Period: to

    The Second Balkan War

    This war occurs when Greece and Serbia occupy Macedonia, which belonged to Bulgaria. Bulgaria engaged in war and eventually lost, almost all the land given to Serbia, Romania, and Greece.
  • July Crisis

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, causing a chain of declarations of war and eventually WWI. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, Russia declares war on Austria,
  • July Crisis

    Austria-Hungary issues an ultimatum to Serbia, demanding it to suppress anti-Austrian protests/propoganda and to dismiss any officials that may object to Austria-Hungary.