Europe in the middle ages

  • 476

    fall of rome

    fall of rome caused the fark ages. destroyed by a German tribe. they had the whole rome fall and fall apart with no government. non one in Europe felt safe to travel.
  • 500

    Catholic church takes over

    It is the biggest and best now. the rules were the voice of god. Hell was used as fear if the people went against the church.
  • Sep 26, 700


    attacked by Barbaric tribes casued to biuld walls around villages. people who had power , kings, wanted to make sure they could keep their power.too be a noble it had to be in your heritage.
  • Sep 26, 1096


    Crusades cuased war over the holy land. trade increases between the Asians. People feel safe to travel. leaving their manners to trade and travel.Feaudalism weakens. Find out muslims preserve roman writings. starts renaissance.
  • Sep 26, 1200


    one result to srusades in the renaissanse.Bubonic pleaQue killed 1/3 of Europens. Promoted art, humanity, education, and reading.
  • Sep 1, 1415

    Printing press

    Invented by german man gutenburg made it and made books and bible cheaper and easier to get and started Protestant
  • Sep 1, 1517

    protestant reformation

    martin Luther a German cathlic munk startd it. hopes to change cathlic church by starting it. due to the printing press luther proved himslf right.