Does Lana del Rey practices witchcraft?

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  • Honeymoon release

    Honeymoon release
    On 2015, Del Rey dropped her 4th studio album called Honeymoon in wich there was a song called The Blackest Day
  • The Blackest Day

    The Blackest Day
    Around 2018, there appeared a comment on Youtube in wich a fan said that there was a love spell on the 4:20 minute of the song.
    Is said that you have to sing the folowing part of the song at 12AM in the morning while you think about the person you like and they will fall in love with you.
    "[..You should've known better...]" up until "[...I got you, I got you. I got you where I want you now...]"
  • Lust For Life and Donald Trump

    Lust For Life and Donald Trump
    When Del Rey's 5th album was released on 2017, everybody noticed that a lot of the songs were a social critic to the whole situaton going on in the world, between the war on middle weast and Donald Trump being the president of the USA
  • Cherry

    With the release of her album Lust For Life and the previous theory going on with The Blackest Day, all of the fandom noticed that on her song "Cherry", Lana mentioned a series of herbs that are usually used in love spells and related this to the supposed spell on The Blackest Day, arguing that both songs were part of a single work of witchcraft.
  • Wicca and Donald Trump

    Wicca and Donald Trump
    After all of the commentaries about Lana practicing witchcraft, she confessed to be a believer of magic and said that she tried to cast a spell on Donald Trump with a coven to remove him from the presidence
  • Atraction law

    Atraction law
    A few months ago, the atraction law become a thing between young adults and teenagers and at the same time the spell theorys on Lana del Rey's songs re-emerged, so everybody on the internet who was a fan (or not) started to apply both the song spells and the atraction law on an atepmt to atract their loved ones.