Energy Events

By 1637026
  • Natural gas used for illumination

    The first time natural gas was used to illuminate a room in Fredonia, NY. A pipe was laid down to a residence filling the room with light.
  • Steam powered locomotive

    George stevensons steam powered locomotive was chosen as the best design and started railroads.
  • First steam engine created

    Alexander Latta created the first "steam" engine. It was a boiler made of two square chambers: the inner one, a fire-box; and the outer one, a space for water and steam.
  • First engine created that uses gas

    Julius Hock created an internal combustion engine, the first to run on liquid gasoline.
  • The first electric company

    The first electric company came into existince in New York. It was made to finace thomas edisons efforts to create the incandescent lamp
  • Electric street lamps

    Electric lights were used to light a city for the first time in Clevland, Ohio.
  • First incandescent light

    Thomas Edison created the first incandescent light that was actually worth something. It was first demonstrated on December 20th 1879
  • Electric bus

    The first electric bus was running in New York City. The fare was 5 cents
  • Solar powerd radio

    The first solar powered 2-way radio conversation happened from coast to coast by the army.
  • Clean diesel car

    Mercedes announced that its first clean diesel car will be on the market soon, called Clean BlueTec