End of WW2 to 1979

  • Georgia Lusk becomes first New Mexico woman to be elected to U. S. Congress

  • Period: to

    End of WW2 to 1979

  • USS New Mexico decomissioned

  • Roswell UfO incident

    On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field information officer Walter Haut in Roswell, New Mexico, issued a press release
  • Pueblo people win the right to vote after suit against state of New Mexico, inspired by war veteran Miguel Trujillo

  • Georgia O’Keeffe moves to Abiquiu

  • V-2 WAC-Corporal fired at White Sands, New Mexico becomes the 1st rocket into outer space and reaches 400 km

  • uranium is discovered near Grants by Paddy Martinez

  • bear cub later named Smokey is rescued after being badly burned in a fire in the Lincoln National Forest

  • B-36 crashes near Kirtland Air Force Base, killing 23 crewmen

  • Hiroshi Miyamura, a native of Gallup, receives Medal of Honor for action in Korea in 1951

  • Los Alamos, still owned by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, opens its gates to the public

  • First sections of Interstate 40 in New Mexico completed

  • Atomic Energy Commission’s Project Gnome carries out first underground nuclear detonation in salt dome near Carlsbad with objective of peaceful applications

  • First Navajos, Monroe Jymm and James Atcitty, are elected to state legislature

  • President Nixon signs Congressional legislation returning Blue Lake and 48,000 acres of surrounding land to Taos Pueblo

  • Rudolfo Anaya publishes Bless Me, Ultima

  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center opens in Albuquerque, operated by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico

  • John Pinto, trained as a Navajo code-talker, takes seat as a New Mexico State Senator, a post in which he still serves

  • Hispanic Cultural Center Act creates the National Hispanic Cultural Center, which opens in Albuquerque in 2000