En 26 Timeline

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  • 1526

    The slave triangle begun

    Ships would bring guns and manufactured goods in Britain to West Africa. In West Africa the goods were traded for African slaves. They sailed with the slaves across the Atlantic, to the Caribbean. There the slaves were sold at auctions.
  • The British Founded The East India Company

    The East India Company was founded by queen Elisabeth to trade witth the "East Indies" (in moder day terms Southeast Asia).
  • The first European set foot on Australia

    The first Europeans who set foot on Australian soil was the Duch, the captian of the ship was Willem Janszoon.
  • British settelers arrived in the Caribbean

  • The mapping of Australias costlines

    James Cook mapped the east coast, which he called New South Wales and claimed for Great Britain.
  • The British send settelers to Australia

    When the British lost its American colonies in 1783, the British empire sent a fleet of ships, called the "First Fleet",with was comanded by Captain Arthur Phillip, to set up a new colony in New South Wales. The fleet consisted of prisoners from The british empire. The first fleet set up camp in Sidney Cove, Port Jackson on 26 January 1788, with later became the city of Sidney.
  • The East India Company was dissolved

    Despite frequent government intervention, the company had recurring problems with its finances, It was dissolved in 1874.