Emiliano Zapata

  • Birth

    Emiliano Zapata Salazar was born in San Miguel Anenecuilco, District of Villa de Ayala, Morelos on August 08, 1879
  • Orphaned

    Zapata was orphaned in 1895
  • Zapata left Morelos

    Zapata left Morelos after his first confrontation with the authorities in 1896
  • Apprehended

    Zapata was apprehended by rural furce on June 15, 1897 in Cuernavaca
  • Dance of the forty-one

    Emiliano was participated in the dance of the forty-one on November 17, 1901 in Mexico City
  • Proposed to defend

    Emiliano Zapata proposed to defend the rights and lands of the peasants against the Porfirista regime in 1906 in Cautla
  • He joined the ninth Regiment

    Emiliano Zapata joined the ninth Regiment In 1908 in Cuernavaca
  • Elected president of the board of defense of the lands

    Emiliano Zapata was elected president of the board of defense of the lands in Anenecuilco on September 12, 1909
  • Recovered the town of Ayala

    Zapata recovered the town of Ayala, Morelos in 1910
  • Revolutionary chief

    Zapata was elected revolutionary chief of the south on March 29, 1911
  • Zapata met Francisco I. Madero

    Emiliano Zapata was met Francisco I. Madero in 1911 in Mexico City
  • Wedding

    Emiliano married Josefa Espejo Sánchez in August 20, 1911, in Villa de Ayala
  • Promulgated the Plan of Ayala

    Promulgated the Plan of Ayala
    Zapata promulgated the Plan of Ayala in Morelos on November 25, 1911
  • Iconic photo

    Iconic photo
    Hugo Brehme took the iconic photo of Emiliano Zapata in 1913
  • Sends a letter to the President of the United States

    Emiliano Zapata sends a letter to the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson from Morelos in 1914
  • Zapata met Pancho Villa

    Zapata met Pancho Villa
    Emiliano Zapata was met Pancho Villa in 1914 in Mexico City
  • Interviewed by Gerardo Murillo

    Gerardo Murillo interviewedd Zapata to ask him to join Carranza on July 28, 1914
  • Death

    Zapata was betrayed and killed by Colonel Jesús Guajardo, in the hacienda of Chinameca on April 10, 1919
  • End the rumors

    End the rumors
    Zapata's lifeless body was placed in the National Palace of Cuautla on April 10, 1919
  • National hero

    Zapata was recognized as a national hero in 1931