Elvis's timeline 2013 UPDATED

  • Birth

    The year 2000 december the first 3:00am new baby elvis kapetanvoic is born at the QLD hospital
  • Started crawing

    i started learning how to crawl i was one years old at the time still a baby
  • First step

    in the year 2002 I took my first step after crawling for two years
  • Primary school

    At the age of six 2006 i start primary school i made new friends and my education journey started...
  • Fechima was born

    My cusion fechima who is now 8 was born in the year 2005 i am five years older then her She was born in sunshine hospital,melbourne,austraila
  • Period: to


    I ended/finished primary school in 2012
  • New school

    At the year 2006
    i moved primary schools from sunshine west to ardeer south primary school making new friends and starting a new school life
  • Mason born

    My cusion mason was born in the year 2007 i am 7 years older then him he is now 6. He was born sunshine hospital melbourne,australia
  • Started highschool

    Went primary school ardeer south for 6 years then graduated to year 7 at braybrook college the five year memories were unforgetable and i will always remember them i have to make new friends and a new school life