Timeline created by ItsRykerrr
  • Creation

    ELSMP was created/Reset on this day.
  • Look at all those Chickens

    Chicken_Of_Death (previously Brunazeb), ItIswhatItIs, cnillsonAK, and snillsonAK all join the ELSMP
  • The Trident War

    CnilssonAK and Snilssonak steal ItIsWhatItIs' Trident, causing a war between them and Chicken_Of_Death
  • Beginnings

    ItsRykerrr, Commander_Trauma, and Claxx all join the ELSMP.
  • New Beginnings

    ItsRykerrr, Commander_Trauma, and Claxx all join the Communist Syndicate.
  • Growing Syndicate

    Rinna_Drawger joins the Communist Syndicate.
  • Netherite Shovel????

    loverboi15 died in lava and lost a maxed out netherite shovel... Why a netherite shovel?
  • The New Alliance

    ItsRykerrr and Rinna_Drawger officially leave the communist syndicate to become the New Alliance (Not Burger Boomers!)
  • The Imperial Union

    Commander_Trauma leaves the Communist Syndacite to become the Imperial Union (Claxx is presumed to have joined him)
  • Look at all that nothing

    Chicken_Of_Death claims to have left the server for good
  • Farewell, Two Hours of my life

    ItsRykerrr spends 2 hours and 30 minutes getting an efficiency V villager... only for it to die 1 minute after
  • Decimation Day

    Chicken breaks his promise of logging on the server and spawns multiple withers in the Imperial Union Capitol as well as spawn
  • Bye Chicken... Again

    Chicken_Of_Death says he is leaving the server for good again.. I guess we'll see him in a few days?
  • The Day After

    After Decimation Day, ItsRykerrr kills all or most of the Withers at spawn. Rinna Drawger decides to start rebuilding spawn after Decimation Day