eisenhomer and the cold war

  • suez crisis

    egpt`s president abdel nasser wanted to build a dam on lake victoria. went to the us for financial assistance.
  • nikata khrushchev

    became the new ussr leader in 1953 atfer stalin death. strong military to gasoline/oil
  • central intelligence agency

    the cia was given a new role during the cold war era by using covert opertions stop communism. most of the time us sent the cia into the middle east and latin america to try to over thorw anti-american gov`ts like in lran and guatemala.
  • huac

    house of un-amerrican activities:1st created to hurt nazis but by the 1950s used to target communism.
  • alger hiss

    alger hiss was a gov`t offical whose reputation was ruined by whittaker chambers when chambers annouced alger hiss as a communist spy.
  • the rosenbergs

    julius and ethel rosenberg were exected atater being charged w/ espionage.
  • mccarthyism

    joseph mccarty was a senatoe from wl who stood up in congress declaring that he had a list of gov`t officiais who were associaated w/ communism
  • the second red scae

    due to the korean war and ussr sputnik the second red scare occurrd.