Egypts Uprising

Timeline created by tlj7712
  • Our new Egyptian President

    Our new Egyptian President
    We have a new president in Egypt!!! In Egypt, Mubarak has resigned from being president after 30 years. It is taking place in Egypt.
  • Egyptian Madness.

     Egyptian  Madness.
    By Tyree J.
  • Protesting

    This issue is huge. People are getting killed and arrested for standing up against the presidents long rule over the country. I wrote this because it is a big problem and needs help and support. This protesting and hatred is causing a lot of damage and craziness. My research informed me about this by showing me what is happening in Egypt and the horrible effect it is having.
  • Citations

    Black Board. All pictures from Morgue File.
  • Patching it All Up!

    Patching it All Up!
    It makes me feel sick because of the negative impact. This has made me look at the world differently. Ok, I have talked about it and told you all about it so now it’s your turn. How about helping the people of Egypt recuperate and end this mess. Oh, and of course get a new president!