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Egypt/Nile Civilization

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    The Egyptian Civilization began

    The Egyptian Civilization began
    Was united by its first pharaoh King Menes ; beforehand, Egypt was divided into upper and lower Egypt (3100 bce)
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    Writing System

    The Egyptians began using hieroglyphics : one of the oldest writing systems of the world (3100bce)
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    The establishment of the Old Kingdom

    Master pieces of art were created. Along with the famous Pharaoh Khufu and the Sphinx, over 20 pyramids were constructed. (2700-2200 bce)
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    The First Intermediate Period

    Civil War caused by PHaraoh Pepi II because of his central government not being able to cope to the decrease of the Nile River's floodong and climatic change. (2200-2050bce)
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    Rise of the Middle KIngdom

    Ended by Pharaoh Mentuhotp II, the civilization under 100 years of civil war rose and became a powerful nation once again. The capital was moved from Thebes to Memphis. (2050-1800bce)
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    Second Intermediate Period

    Egypt was conquered by an Asian group called Hykos. They ruled for 160 years until Pharaoh Ahmos drove them out of the nation. (1800-1570bce)
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    New Kingdom Period

    Pharaoh Thutmose III, aka "Napolean of Egypt", captured nearly 350 cities under his reign. He had to wait two decades before taking the throne, however, because of his mother Queen Hathshepsut, the first female pharaoh, reign. (1570-1300bce)
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    Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone
    The stone was carved by priest describing the good their pharaohs had done for them. The stone provided the key to translating hieroglyphics. (196bce)
  • Amarna Revolution

    The transition form polytheism to monotheism due to the actions of Amenhotep IV, who worships only one god : Aten, the Sun. (1370bce)
  • Golden Age of Egypt (The Old and New Kingdom)

    Trade and commerce increased with recovered Asian Empire Palestine and Syria were recaptured. The civilization fell once again due to its inability to compete with the new weaponry of its enemies. (1300-1090bce)