Egyptian uprising

  • The protests start

    The protests start
    A large amount of Egyptians go into the streets protesting "Down with Mubarak. These protests were mostly organized by things like facebook and twitter.
  • How the police are splitting protests.

    So far the police have used Tear gas, water cannons, and batons to split protests. The police are also firing rounds into the air.
  • The attempt to stop communication.

    Twitter,Facebook, and Blackberry message services are interrupted.
  • The military

    The military is ordered to go into the streets of cities like Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria.
  • Mubarak's speech

    Mubarak announces he will not be stepping down. His location is unknown.
  • The Evacuation

    The U.S embassy has recommended americans in Egypt to leave.
  • Egypt releases arrested journalists

    Egypt releases 6 journalists that were arrested.
  • Mubarak still refuses

    Mubarak said he wont run for election again but still refuses to step down. Shortly after his speech Mubarak supporters and anti goverment protesters fight.
  • Communications starting to be restored.

    Internet services are being restored.
  • The Day of Departure.

    Thousands of anti-government protesters are in Tahrir square calling it the "Day of Departure".
  • The protests continue.

    The protesters in Tahrir square are still refusing to move.
  • How many people were lost?

    Most say that around 300 people were lost during the uprising.
  • Mubarak announces when he will leave.

    Mubarak announces that he wont be leaving until september.
  • Mubarak resigns

    After weeks of protests Hosni Mubarak resigns and gives power over to the military.