Egyptian Revolution 2011-2012

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  • Mubarak hands over power to vice president Omar Suleiman, then tries to take it bac

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    Egyptian Revolution 2011-2012

  • Mubarak hands over power to vice president Omar Suleiman, then tries to take it back

  • Mubarak flees to resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh

  • Military dissolves Egyptian Parliament and suspends the constitution

  • Interim government was reshuffled by Constitutional Reform Committee

    Yehea el-Gamal named Deputy Prime Minister
    Monir Fakhri Abdel Nour named as Tourism Minister
    Gowdat Abdel-Khaleq named Minister of Social Solidarity and Social Justice
    Ismail Ibrahim named as Labor Minister
  • New Prime Minister Essam Sharaf appointed by Armed Forces of Egypt

  • Protesters raid State Security Investigations Service buildings in Alexandria to secure documents that proved crimes against the people during Mubarak’s rule

  • Protesters in Nasr City find evidence of mass surveillance and vote rigging

  • Constitutional Referendum held and passed by 77%; Referendum approves Constitutional Reforms

    Limited presidency to two six year terms
    Judicial supervision of elections
    Requirement for the president to appoint at least one vice president
    Commission to draft a new constitution following the parliamentary election
    Easier access to presidential elections by candidates
  • Egyptian Cabinet orders a law criminalizing protests and strikes

  • "Save the Revolution Day" Thousands of demonstrators fill Tahrir Square demanding the ruling military council move faster to dismantle all of Mubarak's government

  • Former housing Minister Ibrahim Soliman is arrested and charged with corruption

  • "Friday of Cleansing" Tens of thousands of demonstrators fill Tahrir Square criticizing the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces for not meeting revolution demands. Demonstrators demand the resignation of remaining officials of Mubarak's regime and the rem

  • Armed Forces use force to break up protestors in Tahrir Square

  • Egyptian supreme administrative court orders the dissolving of the former ruling National Demoratic Party and hand all power over to the interim government

  • "Second Friday of Anger" Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators fill Tahrir Square to protest the interim government set up by the Armed Forces of Egypt

  • Protesters gather to demand immediate reforms and swift prosecution of formal officials from Mubarak's government

  • Protesters storm Israeli embassy in Cairo and force the fleeing of the Israeli ambassador nad Military resotres state of emergency

  • Violent clashes between military forces and protesters in Tahrir square

  • Egyptian security forces bar 6 Americans from leaving Egypt for foreign interference with elections

  • Protesters throw rocks at riot police outside the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo