Egyptian Pharaohs

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  • Period:
    1,507 BCE
    1,458 BCE

    Hatshepsut (1507 - 1458 BC)

    Most successful female pharaoh. Became pharaoh after her husband died. She accomplished many construction projects and established many trade routes for foreign trade. She had a peaceful reign.
  • Period:
    1,481 BCE
    1,425 BCE

    Thutmose III (1481 - 1425 BC)

    Thutmose was the step-son of Hatshepsut. He was supposed to become the pharaoh after his father died but was only 2 yrs. old so Hatshepsut became pharoah. He was known as the Napoleon of Egypt. He defeated many enemies of Egypt during his reign and expanded the Kingdom of Egypt. Most famous construction during his reign was the Temple at Karnak. The Obelisk of Theodosius was taken to Istanbul, Turkey. He is buried in the valley of the Kings.