Egyptian kingdom timeline

By asyonas
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    egiptian kingdoms

  • egyptian time line

    In 3100.BC KINg MENES united upper and lower Egypt into a single kingdom and created the first royal dynasty.
  • egiptian kingdom timeline

    the old kingdom tasted from 2700BC to 2200BC and it was an age of prosperity and splendor
  • the middle kingdom begins

    In 2055 BC the middle kingdom begins and it was a period of stability and a new concern of the pharaohs for the people
  • The Creation of pramide

    Around 2540 B.C The Famous Great Pyramid Of King Khufu Built .
  • The New Kingdom

    In 1550 B.C The New Kingdom Begins - Which Was Invasioned By Hyksos And Egyptians Built A Powerful Empire .
  • The Egyptians Offensive

    In 1279 B.C The Egyptians Went Back On The Offensive .
  • Ramser Victory

    Around 1274 B.C Ramser Clamed Victory For Egypt .
  • Egyptian Empire

    In 12005 B.C Sea Peoples , Drove The Egyptians Back Within Their Old Frontiers And Ended The Egyptians Empire