Egypt 1945-2011

  • Founder, Al Banna, of Muslim Brotherhood Assasinated

    This political movement involved Prime Minister Mahmoud dimantleing the Muslim Brotherhood because of rumors of a planned coup, also because of an increse of assertivenes and popularity of the brotherhood. In response, a member of the brotherhod assasinated Prime Minister Mahmoud. Al-Banna stated that he does not advocate violence, it is not the way of Islam. In turn, Al Banna was assasiated.
  • Committee of the Free Officer's Movement formed

    This politcal movement was formed by Nasser in the army. The goal of the movement was to overthrough the current government. The officers were extremely nationalistic and annoyed with the government. This movement prompted a wide range of anger with the governemnt amongst the Egyptian people. The Free Officers join with the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing the government.
  • People Kiled in Anit-British Riots in Cairo

    This is a social impact on Egypt because it shows the people of Egypt acting for themselves in sethng that they believe is better for he country. They started to rebel against the British military to a point where they pushed the British out of Egypt. The riots broke out aroud the Suez Canal zone, where the British patrols were occupying. Britih troops were constantly under attack in that zone,
  • Nasser leads a coup by the Free Officer's Movement

    Political movement. Nasser joined with the Muslim brotherhood to usurp the Egyptian government. They ere unhappy with the current decisions being made. The British occupation still exisited within Egypt and the Egyptian army lost 78% of Palestinian land to the new State of Isreal. The coup sparked the 1952 Revolution which resulted in Muhammad Najib to become President and Prime Minister of Egypt.
  • King Faruq abdicates for his son Fu'ad II

    This is a social movment in Egypt which caused King Faruq I to be overthrown in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, He was forced to abdicate in favor of his infant son Fu'ad II. King Faruq was overthrown because he did not make his orders compatable with the wants of the Egyptian people. He continued the British occupation which was a reason that sparked the 1952 Revolution.
  • Evacuation Treaty is signed

    This social event in Egypt occured after the 1952 Revolution King Faruq abdicated, was established by Britain in Egypt. Once King Faruq abdiated the British occupation in Egypt no loner exisited. The treaty was signed and the Suez Canal was under Egyptian control.
  • Tripartite Invasion of Egypt

    This social event is an invasion of Egypt by Britian, France, and Israel. This was caused by the Suez Canal being naionalized. A seized fire was declard in November.
  • Egypt and Syria join to form the UAR

    This economic movement was the first step in forming Arab Unity. Nasser tried to make the Syrian economy more in line with the Egyptian public sector. What arose out of this attempt was an extreme sense of nationalism within both countries.
  • Egypt and Jordan sign Defence Pact.

    Israel claimed that the pact would increase dangers of war with Arab states. This lead to and economic problem within the states for the prices of war.
  • Aswan Dam is Completed

    This helps Egypt's economy immensely because the dam proved to have a huge impact on irrigation, agriculture, and industry in Egypt.
  • The New Arab Republic of Egypt

    Egypt's new constitution is introduced and the country is renamed the Arab Republic of Egypt. Egypt's olitical structure changed rom a monarchy to a gradual democracy.
  • Egypt signs Peace Treaty with Israel

    From this political action other Arab nations condemned Egypt. Egypt was then expelled from the Arab League for makng peace with Israel.
  • Mubarak is Target of Assasination

    This social enounter involves President Mubarak to be a target of an assassination attempt in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. While arriving at a summit of the Organization of African Unity
  • 58 tourists are killed

    This social event inolved 58 tourists to be killed by gunmen in front of the temple of Hatshepsut near Luxor. It is alleged that Egypt's Islamic Group is responsible.
  • Billion-Dollar Project

    Economic event- Egypt, Lebannon, and Syria agree on a billion-dolla project for a pipeline to carry Egyptian gas under the Mediterranean to the Lebanese port of Tripoli.
  • Parliamentary Polls

    Political polls end with onflict between the opposers of the Muslim Brotherhood and police. The National Democratic Party regain their Parliamentary majority. Members of the brotherhood were elected as independents and were given a total of 20% of seats.
  • Nuclear Programs

    Economic event- Egypt is one of at least six Arab countries developing a domestic nuclear program to expand energy sources.
  • Anit- Mubarak protests

    21 people killed in bomb at church in Alexandria where Christians had gathered to mark the New Year. Als President Mubarak tries to reshuffle his cabinet but has trouble satisfying demonstrators. Egyptians call for Mubarak's resignation which he responds by promising to step down in September.
  • Mubarak Steps Down

    Mubarak steps down and transfers power to army counsil. Public agreed with this political move.