• Jan 1, 600


    3150 B.C. Egypt was founded by King Menes
  • May 10, 641


    An Arabic leader led a conquest and from then on, Egypt was mostly Arabic
  • Resistance Begins

    Resistance Begins
    Muhamid Ali starts military resistance against the Ottomans
  • Switching Leadership

    Switching Leadership
    Rule over Egypt was taken over by the British
  • Protecting Egypt

    Protecting Egypt
    Britain declares Egypt to be a protectorate
  • King Fu'ad

    King Fu'ad
    Fu'ad becomes King of Egypt and Egypt gains independence from Britain
  • King Faruq

    King Faruq
    King Fu'ad dies and is succeeded by his son Faruq
  • Egypt Attacks

    Egypt Attacks
    Egypt leads other arab countries on an attack on Israel, and is defeated
  • Committee of Free Officers

    Committee of Free Officers
    A Committee of Free Officers is formed
  • Riots

    A number of people were killed on Cairo during Anti British riots
  • King Fu'ad II

    King Fu'ad II
    King Faruq abdicates the thrown in favor of his son
  • President?

    A movent by the Committee of Free Officers , known as the July 23rd Revolution, made Muhammad Najib President and Prime Minister of Egypt
  • Republic

    Najib names Egypt as a republic
  • New Leadership

    New Leadership
    Gamal Abdul Nasser becomes Prime Minister and, later, in 1956, he becomes President
  • Tripartite Invasion

    Tripartite Invasion
    Britain, France, and Israel invade Egypt due to nationalism of Suez Canal by Nasser
  • Arab Unity

    Arab Unity
    Egypt joins and united with Syria to for the UAR, or United Arab Republic
  • 6 Day War

    6 Day War
    Egypt and Jordan sign peace treaty in May, this anger Israel and the battle that followed in June was known as the 6 day war
  • New Constitution

    New Constitution
    The new Costitution is formed and Egypt is now known as the Arab Repuplic of Egypt
  • Seperation

    Egypt signs a peace treaty in Israel and is condemned by the other Arab nations, no longer allied to them. Anwar al-Sadat, who replaced Nasser in 1970, is assassinated
  • New president

    New president
    Sadat, who replaced nasser in 1970, is assassinated by Jihad members, Husni Mubarak is approved as the new president.
  • Reunited

    Egypt rejoins the Arab League.
  • Assassination Attempt

    Assassination Attempt
    Mubarak had an assassination attempt on him whilst arriving in Ethiopia for a summit of the Organization for African Unity.
  • Bomb

    Egypt attacks Israel with a bomb and 34 tourists are killed
  • Obama speech

    Obama speech
    U. S. President Barack Obama gives a compelling speech about new beginnings in Cairo
  • Protesting Mubarak

    Protesting Mubarak
    Many citizens protesting President Mubarak for alleged rigging of votes and elections in presidency and other issues too.
  • Arrested

    Mubarak and his sons are arrested for suspicion of corruption