East Timor

  • Timor is divided into East and West

    Timor was divided into two parts. The East, and the West side. The East was taken by Portugal and the West was taken for Indonesia. The definitive border was drawn by the Hague in 1916.
  • Fighting

    Different Timorese groups disagreed wether to integrate into Indonesia or to be indipendant. This caused conflict between the two sides.
  • Indonesia Declares East Timor Theirs

    Indonesia decides to take East Timor as its 27th province.
  • War between Pro-Indipendance Groups and Indonesia

    The people who supported Indipendence started fighting the Indonesian government.
  • Massacre of Pro-Indipendance Supporters

    Thousands of Pro-Indipendance supporters gathered at the Santa Cruz cemetary. They were then killed by the Indonesian government.
  • Indipendance Leader Captured

    The indipendance leader of East Timor was captured by the Indonesian government. The leader was jailed for life for subversion.
  • International Community Intervenes

    The international community, through the United Nations, made an ageement with Indonesia on a politicol settlement on East Timor.
  • Polls

    Polls are held on wether to be independent from Indonesia or not. 78.5 % of the voters voted for Indipendance.
  • A New Nation Is Born

    East Timor is officially recognized as an indipendant state.
  • East Timor granted right to self government

    The Portogeese government declared their intention to withdraw from East Timor. Politicol parties were legalized and in 1975 East Timor declared the territories indipendance.
  • Nobel Prize

    The leaders of the East Timorese indipendance movement, were awarded the Nobel prize.
  • Pro-Indonesia Militias

    Militias against indipendance attack pro-indipendance supporters.