Early River Civilizations

  • 5000 bce Egypt

    People begin to settle along the Nile.
    It was the beginning of Egypt
  • 4000 bce Egypt

    Amratian Society of Upper Egypt.
    Beginning of hierarchical society.
  • 3200 bce Egypt

    Hieroglyphics developed.
    Their first form of writing and communication
  • 3100 bce Egypt

    Menes joins Upper and Lower Egypt with Memphis as capitol.
    First time Egypt is totally united
  • 3000 bce Egypt

    Irrigation systems improved so the amount of farmland increased.
    They were good at growing enough food. With the growing amount of food, the population soared.
  • 2890 bce Egypt

    The first dynasty king was burried in his royal tomb at Abydost, wrapped in resin in a wooden coffin.
    They were beginning to honor their dead and develop a religion that focused on burial and the afterlife
  • 2152 bce Egypt

    Larger trading expeditions along the Nile begin.
    They were branching out and sharing knowledge with other people and places. They also had to have decent boats to transport goods from civilization to civilization.
  • 1700 bce Egypt

    Diagnostic medicine.
    They are becoming more advanced with their healing techniques and more knowledgeable about how the human body works.
  • 1069 bce Egypt

    Civil war.
    The kingdom was no longer unified and they were susceptible for attack.
    Also, their mummification techniques were advanced, so they were learning more about how to preserve the human body.
  • 525 bce Egypt

    Persian conquest.
    They were left weak by the civil war and were easily taken over. They never fully recovered after this first conquest.
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