Early inventions

Timeline created by Kimahja200
  • flying shuttle.

    flying shuttle.
    invented in 1733 by john kay, an englishman, the flying shuttle could be released fro a box on one side of the loom and fly across the loom to a box on the other side.
  • spinning jenny

    spinning jenny
    developed in 1767 by englishman james hargreaves, this tool was named in honor of his wife, the sponning jenny had eight spindles so 8 yarns could be spun at the same time/
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    this invention of eli whitney in 1793 seperated cotton fibers from the seeds , as a result, much more cotton fabric could be produced
  • Spinning Mule

    Spinning Mule
    invented in 1797 by englishman samuel crompton, this machine could produce as much yarn as 200 hand spinners
  • sewing machine

    sewing machine
    in 1845 , made by elias howe, devised a practical sewing machine with a lockstitch simaliar to todays home machines. the sewing machine comanies added the electric motor to sewing machines in 1889
  • Paper pattern

    Paper pattern
    massachussetts tailor ebenezer butterick , developed a paper patter that his wife used to make shirts, by 1865 the happy couple moved to new york city selling all types of paper patters, through the mail.