Dumont-Supernationalism and Devolution

By Ryan D.
  • Period: to

    Supernationalism and Devolution Timeline

  • US/Great Britian (Devolution)

    US/Great Britian (Devolution)
    Countries formed:US and Great Britian
    Reason: The British empire didn't want to have to pay for war so they gave us our independice from them splitting the British Empire into the US and Great Britian.
  • Triple Entente (Supranationalism)

    Triple Entente (Supranationalism)
    Countries:U.K, France, Russia
    Purpose: Was to make sure that the U.K would not attack, Also they help each other try to stop Germany from taking over Europe.
  • Leauge of Nations (Supranationalism)

    Leauge of Nations (Supranationalism)
    Countries:Russia, Germany, Spain
    Purpose was to be a international group that keept peace among all the nations involved with the assosiation.
  • Ireland/ Great Britain (Devolution)

    Ireland/ Great Britain (Devolution)
    Countries Created: Ireland
    Purpose: Ireland didn't want a protestant ruler since the majority was catholic. So Ireland rebeled in 1923. That lead toIreland gainung their indpendence while N. Ireland stayed a part Great Britain.
  • Allies (WWI) (Super)

    Allies (WWI) (Super)
    Millitary and Political
    Countries Involved:Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Italy Purpse: Formed in WWI to protect their land/fight against central powers.
  • Warsaw Pact(Supernationalism)

    Warsaw Pact(Supernationalism)
    Countries: Soviet union, Wast Germany, Czechoslvakia,Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Alberia
    Purpose: Formned in respnse of the nato and to support each other.
  • Opec (Supranationalism)

    Opec (Supranationalism)
    Countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria
    Purpose: It was created to manage all of the production, sales, and price of oil around the world.
  • Yugoslavia (devolution)

    Yugoslavia (devolution)
    Economic, Cultural
    Countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro
    Purpose: different religious groups Serbs (Eastern Orthodox), Croats (Roman Katholic), Slavs (Muslim) and economy was also failing after ethnic violence.
  • Scotland/UK (Devolution)

    Scotland/UK  (Devolution)
    Countries Created: Scotland Autonomy
    Purpose: Scotland wanted independace from the UK but was not granted. Scotland stayed with the UK because if Independet it would be invaded for its recourse of the North Sea.
  • Soviet Union (Devolution)

    Soviet Union (Devolution)
    Political/Military, Economic
    Split into: Armani, Azerbajan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine
    The Soviet Union had many problems with most of them being there political and economic failure but also with that the religous differnces.