• 11.1 Major Life Event

    It was during thanksgiving break, I am a survior of child abuse. It was pretty appalling evening when my mother went out with her three sisters to have sisters' night. The abuse itself was pretty harsh that involves physical, emotional, and verbal; between a hearing man and a deaf teenager. I decided to use emotion-focused coping by writting the journal about that incident and it was helpful for good two days until I am able to do report with my emotion to be handled and became a strong person.
  • 7.2 Childhood Attachment Experience

    The most fearful experience was went through the child abuse in a physical abuse method, where lead to understand more about other people’s secure from the individuals due to the trauma experience. It had contributed me to become into the better gentleman that anyone could see because I do believe in equal relationship opportunities and attachments.
  • 1.1_The Beginning

    That was when I am 17 years old and I get a chance open the letter with my twin brother, Anthony. We accepted to Gallaudet University, a dream university. It is a fact that my brother and I will be first people as men to attend AN UNIVERSITY! That is more likely chronological and normative history-graded influences to be treated as adult man. It is normal at being 17 years old to receive the news from college. It is marks the history of family line for going more successful in the future.
  • 4_1 My current Healthy lifestyle

    4_1 My current Healthy lifestyle
    My healthy choices has been better than before because I do eat 2 fruits and 3 vegetables everyday. Also, I do not eat junk foods that much because I wanted to stay in shape for men's volleyball for this upcoming spring semester 2012. I am not a smoker or alcoholic because I wanted to make a differ than my family to make sure that my lifestyle is very healthy. I would make sure that I can spent more time by excerising so my body would not be an obesity and set the goal for my new weight.
  • 7.1 Adult Attachment Style

    The attachment type that was most like me is the actual partners. That is applying that my preference in women is almost equal as me in physical attractiveness. Also, we both should be more likely having an equal income so we both can have a good life afterwards. Therefore, the actual partners is more likely go for longer relationship than the hypothetical partners has because the equality qualities between man and woman; that is what I am actually believe in.
  • 3.1 Oxidative Damage

    3.1 Oxidative Damage
    A week before graduation at Gallaudet University, I had to go to see doctor and find out that my knee do have the release of free radicals to be able to repair all cartiages and joints before the graduation day. It could show that the body is lead to have good chance of antioxidants to prevent from oxidative damage because the free radicals must have a high nutritional substances to repair and reuse for next prolong lifetime. The knee is a majority main for my body: a hobby to play volleyball.
  • 6.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    6.1 Young Adult Role Transition
    The day is a mark for me to graduate from Gallaudet University with BA in History with minors of Psychology and Family Child Studies. That is a transition would be big change for me because I will get closer to my dream job: as professor for History in Secondary Education. Also, I'd travel and put my feet into a graduate school program. The challenge would be support system and leaving my twin brother at Gallaudet. I could cope that transition because I do have many good friends to support me.
  • 10.1 Fowler

    One of those stages, it is fits me at this specified stage, conjunctive faith. It is fitting me as who I am by able to be individualize reflective level with being openess regards to mind and emtion of rationality and ritual. That is describing that I prefer to live in the open-minded of varied situations by such as work locations, religions, and lifecycle. That is who I am and I am appericate each tasteful of new cultural experiences to impact my adulthood life as a teacher in the future.
  • 8.1 My RIASEC type

    8.1 My RIASEC type
    I would expect to begin my professional carrer as a teacher at 24 years old because I do have a passion to get degree in Education field; but that would be right after I receive the Masters degree. My type are realistic and social. It would lead me to become into best teacher for students while in History class. It are true fits in me and lead me to become into a good professor. That is applying to my personality traits by being good person with realistic and social types; that is teacher type.
  • 9.1 Intimacy

    The day of today would be show where I have the relationship with a lady that the one would be more likely as my love of life. That is according to Meghlin's grandfather, he shared that he had full immerse of love with his wife since were in High School. That is most rare love that had been together for too long time. That is where I really wanted to have this kind of journey to have a full immerse of intimacy in a love version for the rest of the life. That is going to be a great experience.
  • 8.2 Super's Stages

    8.2 Super's Stages
    Today, I would be preferred in the establishment stage because it would be great for me to stay on stable level to build a network and gain my teaching skills by each year. In this stage would be applying to have a job as a teacher at a school and able to empowering the students with all needs that they would know before they graduate. It would lead me to have an advance opprortunity in job by build a new program for student to travel the world. It leads me to have a consolidate job: a teacher.
  • 4_2 Potential consequences of my lifestyle

    4_2 Potential consequences of my lifestyle
    When I went to the doctor's office by a day after my birthday on the 29th. I found out that my life was labeled as "sedentary lifestyle" because I has not been that active compared to my 20s. So my doctor told me that I should get back to the volleyball court because it requires right portions of food, excerise, and sleep hours. That way, my body could be not an obesity and need some more engeric activities; and expected me to sign up the volleyball league for deaf men's volleyball by ASAP.
  • 6.2 Older Adult Role Transition

    6.2 Older Adult Role Transition
    That is the special day to celebrate the christmas with my grandson for very first time. It impacts me to change my role transition from a parent into a grandparent: be a wise father. I have to make sure that I set the boundary between my son and grandson. It's an expectation because I gets older and be more wise. So I can have two different relationships with my son and grandson in an excellence method by mature chats and high activities. So both of them can appericate me as father/grandfather.
  • 5.1 Working Memory

    5.1 Working Memory
    I ended up had my memory examination at the hospital for a regular check up. I found out that my working memory was actually lack of episodic memory because I was not able to understand any factors and its methods. It do affect my ability as a professor by guide the students the world with a full of knowledge but cannot handle the information about everything. So I expect to use computer more often to show my students about those countries so I can study all over again to review the information.
  • 5.2 Attention

    5.2 Attention
    The two days before my 64th birthday, I had problem with decision-making for my ADL by struggling with my cooking skills because I started cannot to make any right meals for my family and me. It affecting my family to lost the trust for my cooking skills. So the challenge could be statisfication anybody with the foods and budgets. I can reply by follow the instructions from the cookbook instead of my unwritten knowledge for cooking skills and budget.
  • 9.2 Ego Integrity

    The retirement is a period of ego integrity where could reflex the past life that had been through. According to Lore's grandmother, Hilde had been through lot of difficult experiences until the retirement, she felt appericated how her life had been through and satisified. That is going to apply my life by able grateful for my hardships and memory. The point of ego integrity is where the time of having honest time to flashback the life to be appericated about having children, labors, and life.
  • 3.2 Genetic Limits

    3.2 Genetic Limits
    I ended up have to go to the doctor's office to take the blood test due to the knees was identified as worn out and causing the body to have the replicative senescence. Also, the doctor told me that I have only about 5 to 7 years left due to the replicative senescence. That is meaning that my knee is actually worn out and I decided to use wheelchair more useful. Thank to the doctor for let me know in advance!
  • 2.1 The End

    His name is Dominic Antuan Harrison and was 70 years old. He was a former Texas resident in Austin, Texas since the year of August 2012. He died on October 10, 2059 at his own mansion on the famous hill of Mt. Bonnell. Mr. Harrison was born December 29, 1989 in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. He would like to have you all to come and support his family because he made them a wonderful life by travel the world. He would love to see you once again, at the rest in place in Austin, Texas.