Devonne Celestin Period 5

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  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I was born in Jaimaica Queens,NY
  • My first birthdat party

    My first birthdat party
    the first and only birthday party that i had
  • Rode My Bike

    Rode My Bike
    The fisrt time I rode my bike around my neighborhod
  • Eye Surgery

    Eye Surgery
    got a surgery on my eyes
  • Stitches

    Got stitches on my arm by accidentaly cutting myself when I was like 5
  • Tennis

    I was at P.E this one time and we were playing tennis nd i was trying to catch the ball and I ran into the net.
  • Saturday Work Detail

    My mom got mad at me because I had anothe saturday work detail,so she whopped me in the parking lot!!(Embarrassing)
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    The time I went to Disney World with my youth was fun.
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    Devonne Celestin Period 5