My life

Devin Medrano's Life Time Line

  • My Birth

    I was Born Sept 15 at 2 in the afternoon here in San Antonio Texas.
  • My First Christmas

  • First Major Trip: Disney World

    I went To Disney world along with my whole family. (Mom, Dad, Sister, Cousin, Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt.)
  • First and last move.

    This was the year My dad, Mom, and my sister and I moved from the south side over here to the north side of San Antonio. Even though I was Four years old, it still majorly affected me. I still remeber the house today and often drive by where it use to be. (It was burnt down in a fire)
  • My Fith Biethday

    MY 5th birthday was probably my most favorite because my family rented a petting zoo in my backyard. I got to spend it with loads of friends and family.
  • First Time in Public School.

    This day was my first day entering public school for 6th grade. Coming from a Catholic private school I didnt really know what to expect. Long story short, It was a BIG change but I grew to enjoy and love it.
  • 3rd major Trip: Roadtrip

    This summer my dad, my sister, and I went on a roadtrip starting here in San Antonio and Ending in San Fransisco, California. During the trip we of course stopped more then a few times. The places iwas lucky to see this summer was Lajitas (texas), Roswell (New Mexico), White Sands (New Mexico), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angelas ( California), and finially San fransisco.
  • 2nd Major Trip: San Fransisco

    I Traveled to San Fransisco last summer with my grandma, great grandma, and 2 aunts to visit with some old family and sight see. I stayed there for about a week.
  • Coming back from the roadtrip

    The road trip lasted bout 2 weeks and the longest time we were on the road without stopping was about 8 hrs. The place we spent the most time in was Las Vegas. My Personal favorite was The Grand Canyon.
  • Entering High School.

    Enetering High School was exactly how I imagined it to be, WIERD. Eating, Drinking, AND texting in class? Wow. I absolutly love high school so far along with all my teachers and classmates, although everyone and everything was a bit intimidating at first.