Developments In Online Technology

  • Internet was made

  • @ and the first email were invented

    @ and the first email were invented
  • More functions were added to email- R.e, Fwd etc were now available

  • First piece of hardware was sold, you can get online at home

  • The first 'Spam' was sent to 600 people in California

  • 'Telepaper' was introduced, you were able to read the news online

  • 'Dot Com' was made

  • Time burners lee created the World Wide Web, where people were able to access the internet and use it

  • The first web page was made

  • was set up

  • Email was made avaliable

  • Wikipedia was created

  • Facebook was created

  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 was unveiled - connect to the internet and watch films. Technological Convergence
  • 'Youtube'

    was made for people to upload random videos to the web
  • Google Street View- could browse streets using the internet

  • iPhone

    The apple iPhone is launched, an example of technological convergence
  • 'iPlayer'

    created by BBC which meant you could watch TV or listen to the radio online
  • Spotify

    Spotify was created as a way to listen to music for free
  • iPhone App Store

    iPhone App Store
    Apple released the app store officially introducing third-party application development and distribution to the platform.