Developmental Timeline

  • Conception

    My parents got busy making me, I won the race of life. (Biosocial)
  • Period: to

    Conception till Death

  • My mom gets morning sickness

    My mom gets morning sickness
    My mom would get really sick while she was pregnant with me. (Biosocial)
  • A Little Princess was Born

    A Little Princess was Born
    I was born 5 weeks early at 5 lbs and 6 oz. I was a breached baby delivered by the mid-wife at Grace Hospital in Detroit. (Biosocial)
  • My Mother Began Breast Feeding Me

    My Mother Began Breast Feeding Me
    My Mother breast fed me for the first time before she left the hospital. (biosocial)
  • Coo Coo Coo

    Coo Coo Coo
    The cooing and curiousity begins. (Cognitive)
  • Started Baby Food

    Started Baby Food
    Gerber meals begin. (cognitive)
  • The Babbling

    The Babbling
    Once I started takling I never stopped. My first words were "Mama" little disappointed with my originality. (Cognitive)
  • Runaway Baby

    Runaway Baby
    I began crawling at 7 months. (Cognitive)
  • On My Own Two Feet

    On My Own Two Feet
    I began walking at 9 months. (Cognitive)
  • My Younger Brother was Born

    My Younger Brother was Born
    Joshua Allen enters the world. (Biosocial)
  • My father's Mom Passes Away

    My father's Mom Passes Away
    I never got the chance to meet or know my grandmother, however was told she was an amazing person. She cared for everyone and helped where she could. Although this did not effect me at the time becaues I was three, I do wonder what she was like. (Psychosocial)
  • Start Preschool

    Start Preschool
    I attended pre school at Building Blocks,(Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Kindergarten

    I started kindergarten at Jackson Center.(Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Broke My First Bone

    Broke My First Bone
    I broke my arm playing down the street at a friends house. I attempted to do a back flip off the monkey bars, which didn't end well. I was a climber, jungle gym, trees, furniture... (Cognitive/Biosocial)
  • First Grade

    First Grade
    I started elementary school at Buchanan. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Wojick. I participated in my first play that year, "A Bug's Life," playing the ladybug. I won a polly pocket for reading the most books in the class Book Worm Contest. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Second Grade

    Second Grade
    I started second grade and Mr.Fawks was my teacher. (Psychosocial/Cognitive)
  • "Watch Out for that Tree"

    "Watch Out for that Tree"
    Broke my arm again this time from doing an impression of George of the Jungle. I fell out of a tree at my grandfather's house. My parents didn't think it was broken. My mom took me to the hospital 3 days later to discover it was indeed. (cognitive/biosocial)
  • Third Grade

    Third Grade
    I started third grade, Mrs. Theisen was my teacher. This was the year a sexual harassment incident report was filed because of a situation that I wrote in my journal. Police came to question me and social services visited our house. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth Grade
    I started fourth grade. Mrs.Strandt was my teacher. We did mini societies this year. I also gave a speech in front of the entire school for Mrs.Strandt's retirement. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Fifth Grade

    Fifth Grade
    I started fifth grade. My teacher was Mr.Fairbrother. (Psychosocial/Cognitive)
  • My Grandpa Passed Away.

    My Grandpa Passed Away.
    My Grandpa always played go fish and wiffle ball with me. He was always smiling, My family and I visited all the time and brought him dinner every Sunday. (Psychosocial)
  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth Grade
    I started sixth grade. My teacher was Mrs.Aimone. I was captain for floor hockey. I was acknowledged for a short story I wrote. My grandfather past away. September 11th happened this year while I was sitting in Mrs.Aimone's classroom. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Seventh Grade

    Seventh Grade
    I started seventh grade at Riley Middle School. We were divided up into four teams, I was on team Waterworld. I played basketball for school. I had my first real kiss. I went to my first dance, or what was properly called activity night. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • A Young Lady

    A Young Lady
    Started my first period. It scared me because it was something my mother and I had not really discussed. (Psychosocial/Cognitive)
  • Eigth Grade

    Eigth Grade
    Was on honor roll. Tried out for United and started playing travel soccer. Was appointed captain of soccer team. Played basketball and volleyball for Riley. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Let the Good Times Roll

    Let the Good Times Roll
    I start High School. Freshmen year I played basketball. I had to see the school psychologist for fighting back in a basketball game and getting ejected. I was still captain and playing soccer for United when I hurt my knee. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Sophomore Year

    Sophomore Year
    I continued playing Basketball and kept playing indoor soccer on a recreational league but did not return to United. Was called to come back and play but due to the coach I did not want to return. I was inseperable with my two bestfriends Kelly and Tyler. I fell and split my head open on the side walk having to get stitches. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • I get sick with Mono

    I get sick with Mono
    I had a bad case of mono. I attended the first day of school and than missed a month because I was sick. I was in the hospital for 5 days, I lost 25 lbs. Returning to school was hard for me, everyone had already been used to the classes and I felt like a new kid. (Biosocial/Psychosocial)
  • Grandfather passes away

    Grandfather passes away
    Grandpa passes away from parkinsons disease and diabetes. I was with him by his side when he took his final breathe. (Psychosocial)
  • Patzun Gautemala

    Patzun Gautemala
    Went to Gautemala on a missions trip with Covenant Community Church. We helped build a church as well as got involved with the community; I especially grew fond of the gaurds children during this time. I couldn't speak a word of spanish however even with the communication barrier the smiles, laughs, and helping hands were enough for them. People there were very appreciative and grateful for the little that they have. It made me realize how fortunate I really am. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • My Greatest Inspiration Passes Away

    My Greatest Inspiration Passes Away
    My grandmother gives up after the death of my grandfather 6 months prior. She meant the world to me. I was her sunshine. (Psychosocial)
  • Junior Year

    Junior Year
    I played varsity basketball for Stevenson. I went through a phase with depression and took antidepressants. I started skipping classes. My nose was broke by a friend while swimming. (Cognitive/Biosocial/Psychosocial)
  • My first Job

    My first Job
    Started my job as a server/cashier at Charley's Deli Grille. (Biosocial/Cognitive)
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    I decide not to play basketball. I'm a peer mediator for Stevenson. My attendance (not my grades) almost cost me graduation, however due to doctors notes I was able to walk. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • Graduation

    I graduate from Stevenson High School and it's time for college. I finally get a car this year a week before my 18th birthday which I helped pay for. (Cognitive/Psychosocial)
  • My Best Friend Passes Away

    My Best Friend Passes Away
    Jo'van was shot and killed in Detroit. He jumped in front of a bullet for his girlfriend. This effected me a lot. (Psychosocial)
  • Probation

    The invincible feeling comes to a hault when I have to deal with the reality of being arrested for marijuana. I was on probation for 10 months. I regularly drug tested and sought counceling. I finally got myself in order and a clear head. I completed probation and was dismissed in October of 2009.
  • Tattoos

    I got my first tattoos and was so excited!! I got a scorpion for my mother who's a scorpion on my left shoulder and three stars on my foot with my friend Kelly. (Psychosocial/Biosocial)
  • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

    Associates Degree in Liberal Arts
    Acquire Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Schoolcraft. (Cognitive/Biosocial)
  • Break up Blues

    Break up Blues
    My boyfriend and I break up. I thought he was the one. (Psychosocial)
  • Swept Away

    Swept Away
    Another close friend passes away, caught in the under tow at Lake Michigan. (Psychosocial)
  • Start Receptionist Job

    Start Receptionist Job
    Started working at Echo Management Services doing reception work. (Cognitive/Biosocial)
  • Get First Apartment

    Get First Apartment
  • Get First House

    Get First House
  • Travel to Paris

    Travel to Paris
    I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. I took French for three years, although can still speak no where near fluent, I can't wait to induldge in the culture. I am in the process of saving for this trip. (Psychosocial and Cognitive)
  • BSN

    Complete 4 year BSN in nursing either at Schoolcraft or Wayne State. (Cognitive)
  • Start Nursing Career

    Start Nursing Career
    First job opportunity in nursing field. I hope to be a pediatrics nurse. I love children, anatomy, and helping. So combining the three would be ideal. (Psychosocial/Cognitive)
  • Married

    I marry the Love of my Life. (Psychosocial/Biosocial)
  • My first Child

    My first Child
    Skyler James is born. My little prince. I promise to love and support him forever. (Biosocial)
  • Baby Girl is Born

    Baby Girl is Born
    Skyler's sister, Vada Nicole is born. Healthy, beautiful and one day going to cause lots of trouble as I did for my parents. Thank you karma. Like her brother, she'll be loved unconditionally. (Biosocial)
  • Mid Life Crisis

    Mid Life Crisis
    To be honest I don't even want to predict what this may be. However its important to remember through out anything that God's plan is always greater than our own. (Psychosocial)
  • Publish Book

    Publish Book
    I have many poems and short pieces writen. Some pertaining to life events, some pertaining to sentimental feelings, others are dark and related to bad times. I'm writing an autobiography reflecting my life and these are tools in which aid the story. (Psychosocial/Cognitive)
  • Retire from Medical Field

    Retire from Medical Field
    I came I saw and I conquered. My job here is done. Time to enjoy the years I have left of life.(Psychosocial)
  • I Develope Alzheimers

    I Develope Alzheimers
    My memory starts to fail me. This is one of my biggest fears, forgetting. (Cognitive)
  • Pass Away at Home Peacefully in my Sleep

    Pass Away at Home Peacefully in my Sleep
    The end