Developmental Life Span

  • Period: to

    My Life Span until Adolescence

  • Birth

  • The First Two Years: Psychosocial

    I give my first smile to my mom.
  • The First Two Years:Biosocial

    I begin to grow from a premature newborn to a normal size baby. When I was born I was 5 pounds 1 oz and considered a premature baby, as the motnhs progressed I begin to gain weight and height to reach that of a healthy baby.
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive

    I finally say my first word "mommy"at my first birthday party, after stuffing my face with cake.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive

    I start Kindergarden at Taylor Elementary School, and that's where my journey of school begins.
  • Early Childhood: Psychosocial

    My mother get's married to my step father, Kurt, and he becomes my Father figure for the rest of my life.
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial

    My step-dad, Kurt, teaches me how to ride a bike in our apartment parking lot.
  • Middle Childhood: Psychosocial

    I start Sunday school at St.Joseph catholic church and school.
  • Middle Childhod: Biosocial

    I get diagnoised with ADHD, and have to start taking Ritalin.
  • Middle Childhood:Cognitive

    I learn how to play the flute, and I play in the schools band.
  • Adolescence: Biosocial

    I get my first kiss in middle school, outisde on the school's track.
  • Adolescence: Psychosocial

    I start High School swimming, where I meet a family of girls and coaches that shape the rest of my high school life.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive

    I take my first spanish class and learn spanish for three years.
  • Emerging adulthood biosocial development

    Start going to the club/bars, and begin to opening my eyes to different types of people. Instead of being sheltered with one group of friends, I hang with multiple groups of people that normally I wouldn't have talked to before.
  • Emerging Adulthood psychosocial development

    I figure out what career path I want to be in, Child Psychologist.
  • Emerging adulthood cognitive development

    Graduate from Schoolcraft college with my associates in General Studies.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

    I get married to the man I met during my college years at Eastern. Mark and I have a destination wedding in Hawaii.
  • Adulthood: Cognitive

    I open my first private practice as a counsler and work with six other counslers. I strictly work with children, while the others work with families and adults.
  • Adulthood:Biosocial

    I get menopause and begin to have hot flashes, even when it's the middle of winter and freezing.
  • Late Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

    I retire from my practice, and go to live in Hawii where me and my Husband got married.
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial Development

    My hearing begins to deteriorate, since hearing loss usually runs in my family.
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive Development

    I get diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease, which my Great Grandmother, Great Great Grandmother have had and died from.
  • Death and Dying: Epilogue

    I am on hospice now and my family already has made arragments for me once I pass over. I die from Alzheimer's Disease, at the age of 91. I am in the comfort of my home and die at peace laying next to my husband.