Developement Project

By Nick5
  • Birth

    This is one of the most important events of your life because it's when your life begins
  • Walking

    This is important because you will need it to get places your whole life.
  • Pre-School

    This is will impact your life because it is one of the first times you will go to school.
  • Kindergarten

    First day of real school which you will be in until you are 18.
  • Puberty

    Bodies start maturing during puberty, it's a very important event
  • First Girlfriend

    First Girlfriend
    First realtionship and builds base for all other relationships to come
  • Drivers License

    Drivers License
    Easier transportation. Will use this to go everywhere for a variety of reasons for life.
  • 21st Birthday

    21st Birthday
    Can now legally do anything they want besides run for certain political offices.
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    Finally can stop learning and start working so he can have a family and a child and nice things
  • Marriage

    Now has too take care of himself and his wife
  • Baby

    Has a child of there own and now has to take care of it
  • Buying first house

    Buying first house
    The first house is signifigant because it represents that he is doing well enough to live in a house of his own
  • Child grows up and leaves the house

    Child grows up and leaves the house
    This is important because it has an impact on the lifestlye of the parents because they are used to having there son or daughter there with them.
  • Retirement

    This completely changes the lifestlye of the adult because they no longer have to work and can do whatever they want.
  • Death

    He died when he was 100.