Developement of Congress

  • First Day of Congress

    This was the first day congress was supposed to meet but many people were absent.
  • Period: to


  • Jefferson Created a Design Competition

    He created a competition to get a design for the Capital Building.
  • Congress settles on the bank of the Petomic

    Congress decided on a final location for the Capital Building.
  • Henry Clay

    On this date Henry Clay became the speaker of Congress.
  • Congress declares war on Britain

    This was the first time Congress declared war.
  • Congress forgets whos gonna fund this war

    Congress forgot to make taxes to help pay for the cost of the war.
  • Congress building was rebuilt

    Congress rebuilt the Capital building adding more space for the expanding country.
  • Congress fights over California

    Congress debated on whether to make California a slave or a free state. A comprimise was reached.
  • 21,851 Post offices in America

  • South Carolina succeeds from the Union

  • Congress declares War

    Congress declares war on Japan and Germany.