Detiny Cervantes

  • The Day I was Born

    I was born on March 08, 1998 in White Memorial Hospital in the city of Boyle Heights East Los Angeles
  • My uncle got shot

    My uncle got shot multiple times in the chest and died.
  • Got my first pup

    I got my first puppy. he was a full blooded red nose. I named him Chuckie.
  • We left my home town

    I was relly upset this day I will never forget the day we moved from Boyle Heights East Los Angeles to El Monte.
  • My dog died

    My dog Chuckie passed away.
  • When My DAD went to prison

    My dad has been to prison many times when he was younger but I wasnt born then. It was the first time i saw him go in handcuffs.
  • My dad comes home

    My dad finally came out from behind bars. I was really happy.
  • My Grandpa Died

    My grandfather died at my birthday party. He died of a heart attack.
  • My dad went back to prison

    My dad went back to prison which he still is in right now.
  • Got my new pups

    I got twin pups a boy and a girl named chica and duke.