Desmond tutu

Desmond Tutu

  • 1979

    1979 Tutu calls for economic sanctions against the South African government on Danish television.
  • 1984

    1984 Blacks begin killing other Blacks for suspected collaboration with their white oppressors. December - Tutu receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.
  • Bishop of Johannesburg

    Bishop of Johannesburg
    1985 February 3 - Tutu is enthroned as Bishop of Johannesburg.
  • Archbishop

    Tutu is elected Archbishop of Cape Town, head of the Anglican Church in South Africa. June - P.W. Botha, president under the new constitution, declares a state of emergency to deal with black unrest.
  • Banning Anti-Apartheid

    Banning Anti-Apartheid
    Botha bans all remaining anti-apartheid groups to appease neo-Nazi groups. Police are given unlimited powers of arrest. August - The Trade Union Building in Johannesburg, headquarters of Tutu and anti-apartheid groups, is destroyed by a bomb.