Derek Jeter, The Life You Imagine, non fiction, 279 total pages

By bman1
  • dealing with growing pains pg. 0 - 36

    in this chapter derek jeter is mainly talking about his challenges that he was having while he was in the minor leagues. and how his parents kept supporting him when he was feeling down.
  • dealing with growing pains, pg. 36 - 51

    this chapter i am still reading but is going into more detail about how he was overcoming his growing pains. this chapter also talks about hoe he needed help from fielding trainers when he made 56 errors in 109 games.
  • finding role models, pg. 51 -62

    this chapter is mainly talking about who your role models should be. and where to find your models. but most importantly it talks about why you should have role models.
  • finding role models, pg. 62-69

    this chapter is mainly talking about setting goals. and that your goals must be achieveable' but yet a challenging experience.
  • the world is not always fair, pg. 69-96

    this chapter is mainly talking bout race. and that because of his color he would always have to watch his back.
  • dont be afraid to fail, 96 - 130

    this chapter mainly talks about how you never let anything in your way to achieving a goal. stay humble and be relaxed.
  • be a leader follow the leader, pg. 130 - 200

    this chapter is mainly talking about howyou need to be able to step up when you need to. but also you need to listen to other people or feed off of what they are doing or explaining.
  • life is a daily challenge, pg. 200 - 279

    this chapter is mainly about fighting whatever obstacles run in your way for everday things. and that you should never stop quiting because something is in your way.