Democratic Party

  • The Beginning

    The Democratic Party emerged under Thomas Jefferson in the 1790s in opposition to the Federalist Party.
  • The Creation?

    Most historians agree that it first became a party with the Democratic-Republican Party created by Thomas Jefferson in the 1790s.
  • The keep

    Its good organization and popular appeal kept it in power for most of the time between 1825 and 1860
  • The Founder?

    Democrats hailed Andrew Jackson as the founder of the party in 1830.
  • The Group

    This party became a coalition of farmers, city dwelling laborers and Irish Catholic
  • In the Beginning

    Most of the support for this party came from the lower and some of the middle class.
  • Split

    The Democrats split over the issue of slavery.
  • First of the Century

    Woodrow Wilson became the first Democratic president of the 20th Century.
  • Woman

    Under the leadership of Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. Constitution was amended to grant women the right to vote
  • Re-emering!

    The Democratic Party re-emerged during the Great Depression when Fraklin D. Roosevelt was elected.
  • G.I. Bill

    In 1944, FDR signed the G.I. Bill. This gave benefits to soldiers returning from World War II.
  • In control

    The Democrats controlled the House of representatives from 1950 until 1994.
  • The Moon

    Under John F. Kennedy, the space race with Soviet Russia to put a man on the moon occuired.
  • Scar: Chicago Convention

    The riots, assinations, and breakdown in law and order made it the people's faith in their Government almost vanish.
  • WAR

    Due to the War in Vietnam, when the democrats had their 35th Democratic Convetion in 1968 they were surrounded by protestors of that war.
  • The New Support Group

    The supporters shifted and the higher class started supporting Democrtic party
  • Another Fact

    In 2009 the first African American president was elected and that honor went to the Democratic party
  • FACT!

    •The Democrats hold the record for controlling both houses of Congress the longest.
  • Great Depression

    One of the most infamous events. The Democratic party choose their best Candidate and brought the United States back on her feet.
  • Old People

    FDR was the first president to fight for federal assistance for the elderly.