dcis at montbello

  • school

    I have schhol tomorow and i am so scard
  • friends

    school has gone great so far and i made some good friends there names is jenna and nea nea.
  • a good school

    a good school
    one day i was starting up middle school and i was so scard
  • 7th grade

    i am in 7th grade it is so cool but school is hard
  • art

    iam not good at this but i will always try
  • boys

    all these boys at school and then i was so scard because i use to like stephan
  • party

    i8t is mothers day i am so happy for my mom
  • it is almost here

    it is almost here
    i am the most happyest person in the world i am fishing 7th grade
  • class poster and test

    class poster and test
    i have to do a lot because i need to go to 8th grade so ii have final porjetes
  • lasted day

    lasted day
    iam di steing a pig.................................