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  • 3,100 BCE

    construction of the step pyramid at Sqqara

    Sqqara in arabic refers to an ancient buground for egyptian pharaohs. the step pyramid was built for this very purpose and served as a tomb for the pharaohs djoser. it is the first of the Egyptian pyramid structures,
  • 1,595 BCE


    hammurabi was the six king which ruled in central mesopotamis
  • -232 BCE


    Ashoka died and was succeeded by Dasaratha
  • 1398

    emperor hongwu

    emperor hongqwu ( chu yuahzang ) ruled from 1368 AD to 1398 AD and was one of the most prominent yet savage leaders of imperial china. he contributed a lot to china history, building the city of benijing and moving his capital there; benijing remaining the capital of china to this day.
  • Period:
    2,900 BCE
    2,350 BCE


    early dynastic period
  • Period:
    2,200 BCE
    2,700 BCE


    it was during this period that the divine kingship became well established as Egypt's form of govemmrent, and with an entire culture that 3000 years
  • Period:
    1,907 BCE
    1,920 BCE

    Ancient India

    india is a country in south asia whose named comes from the indus river.
  • Period:
    -200 BCE
    -220 BCE

    ancient china

    originated in the eastern area of the yellow river region, the contry's civilization is over 5,000 years old and was considered one of four ancient civilization of the world along with the civilization of the ancient babylon , the ancient egypt and and the ancient india.