Date time line

By matt22
  • Red China

    Red China
    Red China Communists took control of China after a struggle starting before World War II. Red China entered the Korean War in the 1950s.
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  • Sugar Ray

    Sugar Ray
    Sugar Ray was the middle-weight boxing champion in the world. He was concodered the best boxer in the world in his time.
  • Trouble in Suez

    Trouble in Suez
    The Suez problem erupts as Egypt nationalizes the Suez Canal on October 29.
  • Ole' Miss

    Ole' Miss
    James Meredith integrates the University of Mississippi.
  • Moonshot

    Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing, successfully lands on the moon.
  • Terror on the Airline

    Terror on the Airline
    Numerous aircraft hijackings took place, specifically, the Palestinian hijack of Air France Flight 139 and the subsequent Operation Entebbe in Uganda.
  • Ronald Regan

    Ronald Regan
    President of the United States from 1981 to 1989; first attempted in 1976 to run for president.
  • Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune
    A hit television game show which has been TV's highest-rated syndicated program since 1983
  • Bernie Goetz

    Bernie Goetz
    On December 22, Mr. Goetz shot four young men who he said were threatening him on a New York City subway. Goetz was charged with attempted murder but was acquitted of the charges, though convicted of carrying an unlicensed gun
  • Rock-and-Roller Cola Wars

    Rock-and-Roller Cola Wars
    Soft drink giants Coke and Pepsi each run marketing campaigns using rock & roll and popular music stars to reach the young adult demographic.