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By ghe5
  • I was born!

    I was born!
    I entered this world on January 18, 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with Olivia, my twin sister.
  • Period: to

    The Life of Daniel Pearce So Far!

  • Moved To Memphis, TN

    I moved from my hometown of Milwaukee to Memphis, TN.
  • Started Soccer

    I started playing soccer on an Under -4 coed team. My sister joined too. I still play soccer now, but my sister now likes horse riding.
  • Got Biscuit

    A little puppy, hidden by my dad in his seatwell to surprise my sister and I, joined our family!
  • England Visit

    The first visit to England that I vaguely remember, we visited my grandparents, and while walking the dog, my sister fell into the duck pond!!!
  • Started School

    Started School
    I started kindergarten at a little school called Crosswinds Elementary. I remember that I was extremely nervous, but my best friend was there to comfort me.
  • Moved To New Neighborhood and Changed Schools

    Moved To New Neighborhood and Changed Schools
    We moved house into a neighborhood still in the same town, but had to change schools to Sycamore Elementary.
  • Got Chippy

    Got Chippy
    We went to an animal shelter, and came back with a cute black and white puppy, who loved to chew our hose.
  • Visit To England and Tunisia, Africa

    Visit To England and Tunisia, Africa
    After staying with both sets of grandparents in England, we took a plane to Northern Africa to spend Christmas. I even got to ride a camel with my dad! ( see picture )
  • Molly, the family cat, dies.

    Molly, the family cat, dies.
    One of our beloved, 13-year-old cat passed away from tongue cancer.
  • Moved to NC

    Moved to NC
    We took a 800 mile drive to live in Cary, NC, after my dad's work opened a new division in RTP.
  • Apartments, starting Mills Park ES

    Apartments, starting Mills Park ES
    After living in an apartment for almost 1 month, my sister and I went to Mills Park Elementary.
  • Moving to GHE

    After 8 days at Mills Park, my family bought a house, and changed schools to GHE.
  • Getting Celeste

    Getting Celeste
    That, we brought home Celeste, a 1 and a half year old calico/ tabby cat. She was (and still is) adorable! ( This picture is later on, after we moved into our house and out of the apartments.)
  • Paco, the Corn Snake

    Paco, the Corn Snake
    I finally got my own pet, Paco, a baby corn snake!!!
  • Paco's Trip To School

    I got permission from my teacher to bring my snake to school. I fed him his frozen mouse(first defrosted it) in front of all my classmates!
  • Trip To London

    Trip To London
    My family took a trip to London, England,to go sight-seeing. It was our first tourist trip to England, as we had just visited grandparents before that. We went on the London Eye, watched a show at the Lyseum, (in West End Theater District) and went to the Museum of Natural History.(for the wet day of our visit) We enjoyed going to the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.(the Queen's palace, gates shown in picture)
  • Started Chorus

    I signed up for Ms. Small's Chorus this year. We are working on a 12 Days of Christmas production for the holidays.