Dais Benjamin's Favorite School Memories

Timeline created by 7thgradehumanities
  • First Day Of School

    I was exited to see my new classmates and teachers.
  • The Pig War

    During this time, we were learning about the pig war. It started when a man killed another's pig. We had a good time, because our teacher had us play as characters to make it more fun for us.
  • Art Class

    I really like to draw, so I was very exited once I found out I was in Art class for Second Quarter. Art class was fun as always and I learned many tricks to traditional art since I tend to draw on my phone.
  • Winter Assembly

    At the winter assembly, there were many games that students and teachers played. There was even a snowflake dance the teachers made, and their were many skits and plays.
  • Winter Break

    Winter break was only for 2 weeks. Me and my family played many board games with bets, and we even wrapped presents we got for each other.
  • Kindness Tunnel

    This was kinda fun. It was fun to see everyone go through the tunnel and see how cramped it actually was.
  • Teacher's Assistant

    For 3rd quarter I signed up to be a TA because I wanted to meet my old teacher, Ms.Louie. She used to be my Pre-Algebra teacher and her class was fun.
  • Kindness Door Competition

    We all worked hard on the door decoration. All the hard work payed off because we won and earned sugar cookies.
  • Learning "Funky Town" In Band

    We were planning on playing "Funky Town" for the parade, it was really fun to play it but, the parade was canceled due to Covid-19. So I'll never forget it.
  • Last Day Of Real School

    I was surprised school was gonna be canceled for the rest of the year, and that we had to do online classes.
  • Period: to

    Fun Class

    We had many fun classes. We played Kahoot, made timelines, and even more Kahoot. This week was fun and I'll miss this school, since I'm switching schools before next school year. I love the Franklin School District and I hope to see you all again someday.