• my birth

    This affected my life by being the begining of it.
  • My borther moved to college

    My brother Jake moved to college and I don't see him much anymore.
  • Period: to

    life timeline

  • 9/11

    The terrorist atack on 9/11 affected every amercan by the war and more security at airports
  • First time go ing to the ocean

    At the ocean I learned how to crab fish and I got to see alot of new fish.
  • I went in to grade school

    This affected my life by giving me many new things to learn and a whole new way to learn.
  • I got in to challeng class

    If that had not happened I would not have done all of the cool projects like this one.
  • Going to the middleschool

    This intordusted a new school, new poeple ,and new teachers
  • I got gerbils

    I got gerbils and now ever day when I wake up I feed them, water them, and play with them
  • I broke my arm

    After I broke my arm I did not get to do much the whole summer.
  • I got a Nexus 7 for Christmas

    After I got the Nesus I could get on the internet vary fast and get apps and games to make me not bored