Culminating Activity Unit 2

  • Graduated from elementary school

  • Started at Eastdale

  • Internal/External influences

    Parents have pursued careers in transportation, and Manufacturing. Family is a big influence, generaions have excelled in these trades.
  • Grade 11 courses

    Transpotation, Manufacturing
  • Places for CO-OP to help achieve career

    Machanical or auto body shop
  • Where will you serve your community service hours?

    Volunteering at a non-profit store (Salvation Army). Volunteer at schools, Auto body shops.
  • Learning skills required to improve in order to be successful

    Concentrating on required task, paying attention to surrounding enviroment, asking for help.
  • Plans after Eastdale

    Apprenticeship, or Canadian services.
  • Where would you go to school, apprenticeship, etc.

    I would like to go into an apprenticeship at Brock University
  • Where do you want to work

    Body/auto shop, Welder for a company, or Canadian services.
  • Family-expectations for your future-children, pets, etc.

    Just live my life, and be happy. They support whatever decisions I make whether they agree or not.
  • Values

    Nothing good comes for free, always stand up for what you believe in, go for dreams, and work hard.
  • Grade 12 courses

    Manufacturing, Transportation.