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CT Sings!

  • Announcement!

    Chuck E. Costa announces the launch of CT Sings! project to schoole and libraries across the the state of CT.
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    CT Sings!

  • Totoket Valley Elementary School

    Totoket Valley Elementary School
    First workshop is underway! Song List: Dictionary Song, Toothpaste Tube, Charter Oak, CT Our Home, A LIttle Robin Told Me

    Phase 1 of the project will be traveling throughout the state and facilitating songwriting workshops with CT children and gathering songs inspired by CT written by the children.
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    Phase 1 - Writing Songs

  • Pequot Library

    Pequot Library
    Song Title: "Halloween Song"
  • Martin School

    Martin School
    Song Title: "I Feel Free"
  • Samuel Staples Elementary School

    Samuel Staples Elementary School
    Song Title: "If I took a Journey (through CT)"
  • Jack Jackter Intermediate School

    Jack Jackter Intermediate School
    Song Title: "Schools Have Changed"
  • Alcott Elementary School

    Alcott Elementary School
    Song Title: "Hardships and Hardtimes"
  • Gaffney Elementary School

    Gaffney Elementary School
    Song Title: "Underwater Miracle (Incredible Submersible)"
  • Lincoln Middle School

    Lincoln Middle School
    Song Title: "Silver City"
  • Metropolitan Learning Center

    Metropolitan Learning Center
    Song Titles: "Alfred", "Winter"
  • Brown Middle School

    Brown Middle School
    Song Titles: "3 Dilemmas", "A Beach in Madison", "He Who Transplanted Sustains", "Madison Thanksgiving", "A Man and a Whale", "Don't Lose Hope", "Should I be Patriot?", "Boston Tea Party", "Did the Capt Say Fire?", "Crispus Attucks", "Roanoke, Roanoke", "Should We Call Him King Anymore?"
  • East Hampton Library

    East Hampton Library
    Song Title: "Airline Trail"
  • Worthington Hooker School

    Worthington Hooker School
    Song Title: "Embers to Flames"
  • Columbus Magnet School

    Columbus Magnet School
    Song Title: "Life is Simple Now"
  • John C Daniels School

    John C Daniels School
    Song Title: "CT is my Home/CT es mi Casa"
  • John Lyman School

    John Lyman School
    Song Title: "CT Kindness"
  • Lee H Kellogg School

    Lee H Kellogg School
    Song Titles: "Follow Me", "What Makes CT Special"

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    Phase 2 - Recording Songs

  • Phase 2 BEGINS!

    Phase 2 BEGINS!
    Phase 2 includes recording the songs that we have gathered in the beautiful Firehouse 12 studio in New Haven, CT.
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    Phase 3 - Record Release and Performance

  • Phase 3! Release of Fully Produced and Packaged CT Sings! Album

    Phase 3! Release of Fully Produced and Packaged CT Sings! Album
    We are planning a release celebration performance. Details TBA.